Jan 27, 2011

at 10:51 PM

Going Gaga~

Found another awesome restaurant at S2!
heard of Coffee Mug Cafe? been there once, and went for the 2nd time last night :D
thanksss May Yee!

u can name it supper, but we didnt go for tea, instead i ordered choc cake n mushroom soup hoho~


for goodness sake, now i feel like going again! xp

after supper, teman her to Tesco..hohh pro shopper, i had to hold the basket for her n walk like a 38 po.. it's like super cold inside, and she took more than 30mins to pick a soft egg tofu!
and what's more, i was freeziiing to death, i felt like the cold air attacking my legs! gahgahh...
mind u, it's 10pm+ at night, it's a rainy night, n im wearing shorts..imagine D;

well MayYee wasn't that bad afteral.. as a token of appreciation, she bought me this.. xD

Tiger Mini Peanut! :D

sadly, choc flavour
habis D;


Today in kindergarten:

look at him! he finally learned how to eat by himself! awww..... haha!
oh just in case u dont know the story, he loves to stick with me.. (ohh well~ HAHA) he's like a 3-year-old to us..super manja.. and dang it he's soooo cute! heard frm my aunt, he'll be the smartest guy in his class...how nice... =))) God must be really good to him HAHA



again, awesome is the word..like seriously!....i had this during my tuitions today..hoho they kept me awake! xD
tell me which kid doesn't like Chocolate? Even me, (not a kid :P) wil go gaga for Chocolate!..
today i asked my students whether they want chocolate or not. Surprisingly, they shook their head.. wooh.. 'u sure?!' i asked.. they nodded.
wow, is the world changing, or was it just them being shy? hahahaha..
forget it then, i thought. i brought my chocolate out from the fridge n ate in front of them..

lesson of the day: ask and you shall be given!

u dont ask, that's it :D

i feeel like im the bad guy now woah.. xp
okay, time for bed, somebody's waiting for me HEHE

♥ Jo

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