Jan 1, 2011

at 4:25 AM

Goodbye lorhh~ =)

Happy New Year people! ^_^

2010 has been an awesome year, seriously! and i now officially wanna bid farewell to 2010!
byes lorhh~ =p

yesterday, which was 31st Dec, ive seen so many people start thanking and saying something to appreciate their frens n family. so im gonna do it a diff way, instead of saying on the last day, im saying them now, the very first day of 2011! lalala xDD

ther're soo many people that i would like to say THANKS to =)

- my family -
for being the best supporters on earth! sorry for letting u all down at times.. i noe i'm wrong and i ll be better in 2011! =) i'm still praying for u dad! mii, thanks for being such a great mamaaaa..ive seen sooo many kind women, but in the end i'd still come back to you and say, YOU'RE THE BESTT!!! lil bro, thanks for being so cute all the while, ure always my cute lil bro! xD And to you, jie..thou we're so far apart, just know tat, i never forget you...never will, becuz u're my bestest sister! =p

- my church pastors and leaders -
if it wasn't for you all, i would never have the guts to do whatever God has planned for me, thanks for giving me the courage!

- my beloved friends -
my life would be boring without all of you! yes, you guys has made my life so colourful! my church gang, my school gang, my facebook gang, my msn gang.. muahaha... =D

Basically i've included everyone in..
But here are some people, whom i wana specially give thanks to..

- Angel -
Who has been a really great friend + a great leader to me. We 38 together, we pillow talk together, we serve God together, we laugh n we shared so much together!

- KayKay -
The one that never complain my emo-ness, NEVER.. always willing to share, willing to listen. =) We've been thru alot, and u always support me! you're just so special in your own ways!

- Carol -
I thank God for having a friend like you! If it wasn't for you, i would not even have the chance to taste soooo much nice food! =D and u never feel mafan to drive us here and there, that's reali soo sweet of you lorh.. =)

- Julian -
You've been very caring and very very nice to me.. I'll NEVER forget how u always so sayang me one xp Those were the days! ahh.. thou we've been thru ups n downs..I still appreciate everything from you, you're truly, a very great friend.. and i'm sorry for disappointing u at times..thanks again!

- Bei -
For being such a unique sopo in my life..we've known since quite some years back ard..i still remember how we used to gossip soo much together..小声讲,大声笑! =p i would kill myself if i ever lost touch with you! i never reali believe in 'frens forever'.. but to you, i would like to say, beibei, frens forever ok?! =)

- Josh -
Never have thought we'd be so close eh?..glad to have gone thru the whole 2010 with you..im thankful for hving someone like you in my life! you've taught me so much, and at times i was surprised becuz we do think alike! =p God put you in my life for a purpose..and i will never ever forget all the times we had together.. living so far apart is reali shyyts.. but who cares, 2010 was still so awesome! 2011, will be a better one..hv faith in God, He holds our future =)

As for the rest, thanks for being part of my life..
Even sometimes a simple 'hi'.. is enough to make me smile!
I love each one of you..very much!

Dear Lord, You're gonna bless us with a greater year, right? =)

Always and Forever,
♥ Jo

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