Jan 20, 2011

at 11:33 PM

Loving You, Dear Shower =)

My fringe is getting annoying ;O
pin or cut?

pin duh =.=

Today i had 3 tuitions in a row..and it was very tiring...
if u rmb, i posted one status saying the girl took couple of mins to count 46+1..(if nt mistaken) and yes, the very same girl, made me sooo 'hot' today!
until a point i had to take in deep breathss to stop myself frm shouting at her.....
forgive me Father...T_T maybe God wants to train my patience...oh wel...zz

since ive done al my tuitions for the day, i was free the whole evening..
went out with family (whees ^^) for dinner.. we went to a restaurant in town..
named Fireworks. err funny name, but the food were awesome!
heard frm daddy the chef is from Subang Hotel, a very famous one indeed.
ahh idc who or where, all that i care is da foooodie :DD

'u can never taste chop like this elsewhere..' said the waiter.. xp
so yep, i ordered Pork Chop. lala..

it was wrapped.

and now it's opened :D

p/s: i arranged them! xp

after meal, i came to a conclusion: Joey doesn't like semi-raw Oyster!

lols o.o

i randomly did 20 sit-ups last night before sleep, again it was very random. bahhah. x)
no wonder my waist so pain this morning zz.. lack of exercises.
badminton jogging swimming jungle trekking anyone?! :DDDD

i forgot something in my previous post. ahh how could i..
hehehee i passed my undang! it was on Sunday, and i only received call from my uncle the day before.. tat time i was in church, i was like oh tmr?!..urm okay...
great, i won't be home til 11pm..how do i study o?! i thought.. o,o
and true enuf, i was on bed with my eyes half-closed.. i tried soo hard stayin awake n read question 1-150.. lolz..pro rite, didn't noe hw i manage to tahan xD
the nxt morning i woke at 7am and continued.
ok cut the story short, i skipped 150 questions.. and i met Kelly there..waited with her outside..
and finally it was my turn xD
again cut the story short, i was almost shaking after pressing 'tamat session'..
the computer was a lil lag, so it made me shake more.. LOL =.=
i kept mumbling 'help me Lord!' and DAAANG, it came out so shockingly xD

48/50. OH DEAR, thankew Father!

hahahaha so dramatic right.... crazy! xD

i got to know a new guy friend. how nice. =)

when i was on my way home i asked my drivin intructor..
'uncle, how come i never get back my results slip?'
'oh, u dont need that anymore, they wil keep it'
'oh really?..cuz i thought i could keep it, so memorable...'
'HAHAHAAAA i see, u should tell me earlier i could photostate for u!'

seriously what's so funny oh..=.='
but anyway the uncle is very efficient. we talked alot, and he's a reali nice daddy. xD

hehee, waiting for my L license, and im now another step closer to it!~
today i kept bugging dad to teach me drive. and yeshh i drove! managed to chg frm gear 1 to 3..
omg omg omg i feel pro, seriously! it's like, get outta my way, the road is MINE!
muahahaha, evil max. i do enjoy itttt.. =)

heading for an interview tmr at 1pm sharp. goshh, im super duper nervous now..
not exactly an interview but oh well, it's still my first time acceptin job.. hehee
thx Carol for recommending... LOVE YOU!

this post is suppose to be short n sweet, no idea why so much of nonsense came out..

Take a look at my title.

yep, i love night shower, weird enuf, only a few know :D

i love standing under the shower,
thinking, flashbacking, and just thinking..
facing the floor,
i see how the water flow frm the top of my head
til the end of my hair.
plying with the water droplets like a little girl,
i went into my own little world.


reason why i was never allowed to shower first! grr... but it's not that bad afteral, that way nobody wil come slamming on the door and urge me!.. hahas..

fact of the night:
after every loong n lovely night shower, my eyes look extra sexxayyy~

wulala! xD

♥ Jo

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