Jan 12, 2011

at 9:33 PM

Precious Pearl.

Greetings to my blog fans~ ;DD

heh just kidding!! x))
ive been busy (quite) lately.. it's just the 2nd week of work! =x

now everyone's like..sooo envy cuz of the amount of pay i get per month..at the same time i get soo much free time..o.o and yet im complaining! too tired, too worn out, too little time to sleep, too little pay, not enough student..blah blah blah...

shyakss..i think i should just learn to be contented..just thank God all my students are back after holidays =) last week, i kept receiving calls from random people, telling me i hv new students and stuff.. i was like omgoshhhh life's soooo beautiful!! but so far, none of them confirmed with me yet.. well most of them were concerned cuz i ll be going for that stupid National Service in March..but whether or not they're coming, i know God is taking care of everything, He knows my needs and my capability! x)

Oh well, meaning to say, i NEED to save. Or rather, i MUST save!

working in a kindergarten is wayyyy better than standing for hours in a shopping complex as a promoter.. hohoo, more so when it's my Aunt's kindergarten and with my mum working there as well =p

She's dah boss, yesh my Aunt ish mah Boss! xDD

basically, i'm just a helper.. they hire me because i'm their niece that's all o.o..
for those who actually know me well..im used to be called 'bian tai' cuz i ll go crazzziiiee towards kids.. cute ones! xDD but hey! im not a pedo K!! XDD
ahh leave that..but i do enjoy working there =)

lemme show u my fav kid xDD he's 4 this year, with 3-year-old mentality.. o.o i guess he's too pampered.. but who cares, he's super duper triple cute! =p

hehe curi tangkap..
nice angle thou!

best part is, he loves to follow me.. everytime i walk away, he'll come by, hold my hand, wave his little hand and say..'姐姐,来。。' then i'll go awww soooo sweeeet! =))) hahax!
but i'm trying not to favour him u see.. if he's too pampered, he'll definitely be spoilt!

another lil girl.. couldnt get to take her closed up..
oh i haven't mention, she's from BeiJing...
cool right! and i love her slang!!

normally when u drop sumthin, Malaysians will say 啊跌liao...! but instead she ll say..哟掉下来了!呵~... cute right =p i even recorded her voice lawls! but she's abit action..u talk to her sumtimes she ll never answer u..o.o

you'll be amazed how the kids communicate among themselves..seriously..
some talk like adults, some TRY to talk like adults, some imitate the way adults act..
haha sumtimes u'll really laugh out louds de! xp
some are lik super smart, but some are the other way round..so u wana become a teacher, u hv to be real patient with them.. like i said, my patience has it's limits.. heh
i think after few months helping there, i can write with both hands ard o.o
cuz many at times i need to hold their hands and write with them.. ahhh it sucks to be left-handed at situation like that =.=... nywayz, still, im proud to be one! xD

tried Ireland Potato last Friday with josh..looks nice, but the taste normal only..
anyway good try hohooo! glad to hv tried with u x) i 'll never order onion ring nxt round..nuuuuu~


last saturday went for Wan Tan Mee with the usual gang.. woahh it rox!

i remember trying it with my dad few times when i was young..and after so long they still taste the same! heheee..the soup was the best.. we all ordered sugar cane drinks, but i was the only one couldnt get to finish the drinks.. nono not becuz i couldnt finish..but gahhhh, there were insects in my drinks!!! i took my first sip and went OMG LOOOOK!!!....bryan helped to take it out... then after finishing half of it... i took another sip, WAAAHHHH SEEEE SPIDERRR!!!!!.....

......speechless, why do the insects love me so much?? i PHOBIA insects! how m i gonna survive thru NS?! gawd.... =(((

well speaking of that, i realli gotta pray for PD campsite.... or else i'll be sooo lonely =(
mummy promised to come every week if it's at PD heheee... so kawanssku, if really God answer my prayer, will u all come visit also?

*shows innocent facee* heeeees~~ =p

random stuff:

my first impression was, wahhhhh....

and true enuf...

another one, this one is extra cool...
but when i look at the number plate..

just so you know, 666 is devil's number..
i wonder hw's life for the owner of the car...


this brand is meant for me!! xDD
but oh well, i didn't like the design =.=

went out with KayKay on Tuesday.. wanted to fast n pray, but ahhh, couldn't resist! i didn't eat my meal, but ate alot junk food..watever u call that..xD fat sei lorh Kay! lalala~ u sandoro teu lir hir! niip! XD

i took so long to blog this..much much distraction O;

hehee, thx for being patient with me..mwahs!

♥ Jo


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