Jan 14, 2011

at 12:40 AM

Shake it BomBom :D

Quick Update!


Butter Cookies Rock! seriously!

Went for Pizza today with sister, Kay and Grace hehee..

Mushroom Soup with Cheese Powder is as Awesome!!! woohooooh

before that we spam camwhore at my house..
few of my favourite =p


Funny things do happen..
Last weekend me n family were eating at a random stall.

'Mi, i forgot how long i nvr get flu ad.. o.o'

then immediately sister gave me a 'you-ARE-going-to-get-it' look..

and t-a-d-a-a..
i'm sick.


but thank you marmiee~ =p
for making me honey drinks every morning!
now my sore throat is gone.
again, thankew mamaaaaa~!


i have another 24 hours.

will i be able to make it?


♥ Jo

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