Jan 24, 2011

at 1:30 PM

What would you say?

Just few days back, i login facebook and saw one new event invitation.


okay, frankly speakin, i've totally forgotten about my results o.o
then when i saw the title, the fear came back! D;
what if my results turn out bad?
what if i didn't get what i've expected?
what if i disappoint my family again..=.=

life goes on, i know.. so i don't need anybody to come telling me things like, SPM is nothin, SPM is just part of life n bla bla.. because i'm the one telling people all these xD
but when i come to think of it, u can't say SPM is nothing, it somehow affects ur nxt phase in life.

anyway result is 2 months away frm me..i still hv time to at least, breathe.. =)

when i begin to think back of the past, look at how i used to live, and look at myself now..it's amazing how God could change me in few years time..mentally, physically n spiritually.. xD
in just a blink of an eye, i'm now a teenage girl, moving on, stepping up.

yep, Joey's no longer her mommy's girl. =) *kononnye
okay i think i'm getting a lil emotional here..well, saying is one thing, i still need my marmiee as badly as before! hahax xD

last Saturday i went swimming with KK..she took an hour time to help me remember how to swim.. pathetic! xD i hadn't dip into a pool for about 7 years long, so wat do u expect? xD
anyway, i could have learned faster, but i tend to have this random cold early in the morning..
nose block during a swim is like covering ur face while u sleep, u get it?
it was crazy, but i loved it. when's next dear? HEHEEE

yesterday we celebrated Ru's birthday at Foodtiam.. me and the gang discussed bout it the night before, and here's our so called secret plan..

- somebody A bring her somewhere n shop for her present.
- the gang will standby at the restaurant.

- form a love shape with candles.

- light them up. (duh..)

- blindfold her, bring her to the restaurant.

- lead her into the 'love'.

- unblindfold her.


half successful. but good enough.. the love shape was perfect!

behind the scene:

- while that somebody A took the birthday girl out, somebody B called the driver and almost spoilt the surprise.
- while the gang were lighting up the candles at the roadside, it rained.

- the gang did the candles with umbrellas!

- the gang had to squat at the parking lot to block the wind frm blowin off the candles.

- somebody C kept testing her i-phone to make sure pictures wil be clear.
- everybody was very nervous. o.o

ta-daa, it turned out very funny.. xD
God let it rained, to show Ru how much effort we've put in! hahas.. glad u loved it girl~ =)

♥ Jo

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