Feb 11, 2011

at 12:27 AM

Buying List Aku.

Jojo's Wishlist, in decreasing order.

- New SE Phone! -

the phone i bought 2 yrs ago, was a Samsung phone. Now that it's deaf, i must use it with a hearing aids (aka earphones)..also, i guess it's growing older so thats why it couldn't see things clearly...


the phone i got for my last birthday (3rd hand =p) was a SonyEricsson phone, it has been with me for the past 3 months. No i'm nt giving up yet, gonna try fix it, becuz i still have so much stuff inside lehh! cant even on it now.. =.= Please, dear SE, don't die just yet! u know i loveeed you... T_T

- New Steel-string Acoustic Guitar -

seriously, my nails are getting longer, my fingertips are getting softer, im getting worse on my guitar skills. so NO WAY imma buy a new cooool acoustic n hardcore until i leave for NS! yeshh here i comeee muahahaha.. xp

- New Bibleeeee -

i need a new bilingual bible as badly as you want money! the old one has been with me since standard 5.. loyal enough, it's very old now..i forgot hw many layers i've wrapped it, u see it, u'll understand me.. xDD

- New Spectacles -

maybe not so fast for this.. =p well the nxt time u see me, remind me to show you just how senget my specs are.. lala~ the next specs im getting will be black-framed.. whee~

- DSLR!!!!!-

why would this be the last on my wishlist, since i want it sooo badly? refer to the first sentence of this post. it'll cost me a fortune, so before i survey, i better save save save save up! TEHEE~ Joey loves photography, extra information to you readers.. (like they care?..LOL!)

Random stuff:
i found a target at kindergarten, SO NICE TO BULLY! *evil laughs! xDDDD

♥ Jo


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