Feb 9, 2011

at 9:28 PM

CNY 2011 is so blessed =)

3rd of Feb. (初一)

i slept late the night before, and the next morning i had to wake up so early to go to my relatives' house..ishh.. 10am tat is, but its stil soo early for me! =x after 12pm i didn't join my family. but instead i went visit with my darling 38 church gang xD

look, this is our Dai Gah Jie~!

One of our group photo =)

if u have Astro, i think u should know 超級星光大道7 (One Million Star). Jess Lee was the winner, and im proud to say that, she's from Malaysia! =))) that night she was supposed to sing for the Rumah Terbuka 1Malaysia thingy at MPS, but for goodness sake &^%*^@&(^&#^ it just so happens she gt sore throat!! so she only spoke one sentence: 'thx for ur support'...ishhh, disappointments filled right away....one day later, the Rumah Terbuka thingy was on news, and it said that this year's attendants improved alot compared to last year..

are u thinking wat im thinking?.. exactly =)

4th of Feb. (初二)

i was out with friends the wholeee day since morning, we visited 8 houses, and mission ended at 8pm+..went yamcha with my 'library gang' (tats wat we call tat =p)..did very stupid stuff at A&W, i had 2 videos of that, but phone quality...uhh..so forget it hahaha..but i did take some pics..

presenting to you,

the uglified waffle!!


muahaa, to cut the story short, we mixed vanilla ice cream, strawberry cream, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, and losers wil have to eat them with waffle.. and hah, i lost.. =.= just in case ure wondering, it's awful!!..
we went home 10pm+..and tat was it, 2nd day of cny.

ohh and, i lose one of my ang pau.. =.= ish!

perfect picture with a cross at the back =))

5th of Feb (初三)

mission started at 10am sharp, tat day, we visited 8 houses, but 9 ang paus..heh ^^ (the extra one was unexpected hahax).. we were rushing cuz we had church service at night. so yep, went home around 5pm+, got ready, n headed for church..

sweetest couple i've seen (maybe) xD

first time in my whole entire life,
a total of 30 people entered my house.


it was kinda planned thou. but really, it was crazy! 2 of my aunts were in my room watching pps tat time, and my uncle n his family just left.. so yehh, imagine :D pretty awesome huh? XDD

enjoyed much

6th of Feb. (初四)

went Bei's house at 9am and cont sleeping until 10am (hehee xD)..headed to Pris house and met with the others.. well they weren't like my church gang, crazy for photos. *laughs! so we didn't take much photos.. aww~ later i left them n joined my church frens for movie at Jusco. 'ILove HongKong' wasn't as good as i thought.. nt the main point thou, had great fun with them =)
after movie i went bck to Bei's house, they were having fun! Mahjong kaki plyed mahjong, the rest watched movie.. when i sat down with them, oh goshh it's 'The Saw'.. =.= interesting, yet sooo disgusting zz =.=

but well, my friends loved it =x

visitations went all the way til late night, 2nd last house was at Minky's..karaoke-d some oldies, wheelalas~ then last house was at SJ's, which was just 2mins away. BBQ-ed til 10pm. It was fun.. =)

with my church mates. =)

Movie wheee~!

Minky's Karaoke's Room.

one word: Awesome!


first, look at my girls~

now, look at the table. RAWR.

Highlights of visitations:

- for more photos, refer to these links =))

CNY 2011
CNY 2011 Part 2
CNY 2011 Part 3

- Nga Ku was Awesome!
- Cough n flu since the 2nd day.. and Syiaks! im still sick.
- They like to tickle me..and I'm seriously AGAINST it! T_T
- ‘我叫蚊子来咬你啊!’... little Javen made us ROFL!

last but not least,

- I love my frens very much.

Yes, Very, Very Much.

♥ Jo


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