Feb 7, 2011

at 4:43 PM

CNY 2011 - Reunion Dinner.

2nd of Feb.

Before i forget, i better update. =)

2011 so far has been very special to me, everything is soo new, so fresh!
Chinese New Year this year is awesome, right from new year's eve till today (5th day of cny)..

Me n my family (mummy excluded) spent almost our whole day outside together..first we went Sum Yi for brunch, saw alot of my church members heh xD then we headed T1 for movie (Green Hornet), the tickets were some vouchers from my uncle, so they were freee! =p my mood was pretty good, and so i treated them popcorn~ (hoho)
i forgot when was the last time i went into T1's theater, probably before Jusco exist. But anyway, T1 is slowly becoming the M(yu-noe-hu)'s territory. No offence, but it's true..

Dad was supposed to drive us back after movie n rush for some appointments at Kajang, but movie ended late, and gahhhhhh.....TRAFFIC JAM! tat was the scariest Jam i've seen in seremban, wats worse, we were stuck at T1's parking floor..yes the building. =.=
sucks right, it took us 30mins to just reverse our car from the parking lot LOL
just too bad i didn't get to take picture of the long looong queue, it looked kinda cool, u noe.. xD

oh and forgot to mention, we were at 10th floor.

dad didn't want to waste petrol, so he off engine. We waited in the car lik a burning chicken, plus we were in a building!..thank God for the wind tho, or else we would really become roasted chickens. (LOL lame~) O.O....

sweat like crazy,

camwhored like mad.


urm reason why i used Sepia effect was becuz the building was abit secluded, so ther was very little light.. heheh..after about 45mins, we got fed up n decided to get down n lepak awhile more while waiting for the traffic to get smoother. for the very very first time in my life, i actually stepped into a snooker alley O.O

And no doubt, i hated it.
I almost wanted to tear the 'No Smoking' sign there..zz

but what surprised me was my bro....he, pro.. =.= must be my dad, always train him at Jusco hahas..anyway, snooker will never be fun with all the stupid smokers around.. for those who know me well, u all know how much i HATE smokers. =)

after snooker we went back to car..the queue was still there, but abit smoother. Before i continue, see this.

saw the arrow?
exactly, we went down from there xD

for the very first time in my life (again), i thanked God after doing something illegal =x hehh..of course, tricks n techniques are required. LOL.

Reached home around 7pm. Sorry motherrr, promised to help with the dinner but couldn't make it in time =( but thanks also marmieee~ dinner was as awesome as before! :D

Except for the soup, i Love this Most.


Me n my 38 church gang has ard planned for our new year's visitations 2 weeks back. And that night, we came out again for our final discussions. (fuyohh~)

tons n tons of fireworks.

(the best shot with my 2.0 mp phone =p)

they chose the mamak just 1 minute away from my house hehe.
yam cha half way we saw a few 'kong mind deng' (孔明灯)..

it came sooo near to us and all the mamak kaki went 'WOOOOO~~~'..haha very gan jiong scene, it stuck at a tree nearby n finally freed itself n flew higher..

fireworks was after 12, we stayed there til 1am+..
and for the following days,
i shall blog them in the next post. =)

♥ Jo

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