Feb 23, 2011

at 1:02 PM

Got me Going.

Today at kindergarten:

im truly impressed, how could a lil boy with 3 yrs old mentality count from 1 to 30 without mistake? oh well, of cuz he can, cuz he's my darling boy!!!

ahhh why isn't he born in 1993?!


today before i leave, he ran to me n pulled the corner of my shirt, i turned, and..his smile killed me!!... hahah (gt problem leh me, ppl small kid nia..=.=) i couldn't resist to pinch his chubbeyy face..

Me: 文浩,唱歌给姐姐听~

WH: 我会..twikle twikle! (twinkle twinkle)

Me: 嗯,来~!

WH: twikle twikle little star, ha i wader wa u arr (he couldn't pronounce properly =x)..up a....不会了!

haha so cute right! =p

this picture was taken weeks ago, forgot to post =x he slept while the others were watching cartoons. aww.. oh btw this a diff boy.. =p

dealing with kids isn't at all hard, it depends whether u hv the patience or not..u wana make them happy, lagi easy.. sweets? nop, not all kids love sweets haha! well, they love weird crazy stuff. Today when aunt was fetching them home, i made them laughed-out-loud until the van was shaking. o.o

I entertained them,

with only 2 fingers.

u hv problem with kids? come look for me.

HAHA see who's talking!! XDD

sorry for my ss-ness..

i was born this way =x


Today my aunt shared with me sumthing really frightening: The book of Revelation is coming true! She told me bout the 7 seals, the 4 horses, the beasts etc etc. It's all in Revelation chapter 6, 19 and a few more chapters.

if u have a bible, please read.

I'm gonna elaborate in my next post, perhaps tonight.

Gotta find out the website for proofs, u'll be surprised. =)

Stay tuned peps! mwahs~

♥ Jo


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