Feb 15, 2011

at 10:56 PM

I'm still so happy. =)

I used to LOVE valentines' day, becuz 14th Feb, simply means my Chocolate Day! xD

ever since i entered secondary school, i always expect sumthing on valentines' day..when i was in form1 i was really surprised, how come schools can sell stuff on tat day, awesome sial! and yes, i ll get either chocolate, lollipop, candies, or some random stuff they sell every year without fail..

haha im nt trying to brag anything here, but it somehow has became a tradition..
people say valentines' day is not only meant for couples, but for ur loved ones, yep agreed!

anyway, i miss those time when the AJK's of random clubs will come and call out names, then we ll go out n get our gifts.. first thing we check is always the sender. I remember one gift from a 'secret admirer', which is still unknown to me. Doesnt matter anymore, but if, IF ure reading this, then thanks lo? *laughs!

this year, i did not get anything on 14th Feb..i celebrated it with my students, by treating them chocolates HAHA.. =.= sadden hor..lols~ camwhored, too.

of all the photos, this is the one and only normal picture.
anyway, i love that blue shirt!

instead of Chocolates / Candies,
i get Wonka Nerds.

as normal as it is,
it to the max.

xiek xiek dear.

Today, (15th Feb) was a bliss.
not exactly related to valentines' day.

a very special day of the month, it is. =)

Keep Smiling.

♥ Jo


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