Feb 1, 2011

at 2:28 PM

Whispers of Joy!

Yayy it's the 'Ang Pau' Season!
Chinese New Year is my 2nd fav season (cuz it can never beat Christmas!) hahax..

Last Sunday spells Hardcore.
I went shopping with Jenny, Madeline n Xuan in the morning, lepak around T1, T2 and some boutiques..n 3 of us bought the same pants! hehh =p
then later i didn't get to join them for lunch cuz i had to rush home for tuitions. aihs~
tuition was at 3, traffic sux, so i postponed it til 4pm..n the mother was kind enuf to say ' take ur time!' =)


cut the story short, i came home frm tui at 5.50pm, chged pants, n off for steamboats! :D

thanks May Yee, it was awesome!

this wasn't like Lobak Steamboat, they dont provide the thing for us to fry food, watever u call that lols.. but despite that, the food was reeleee very nice! and i think i'm deeply in love with one of their vege that tasted ALMOST like Seaweeds! seriously!.. its called 'yong sou gai lan' in canton..forgot to take picture of it, cuz we were too BUSY eating heees! :DDDD

and oh, forgot to mention, initially i wanted to save my stomach for 2nd round. Failed. And yes, 2nd round meaning 2nd round of steamboat. lols.. just thank God both the gathering didn't clash, one at 6pm and the other one was at 7.30pm.. x) it was actually a gathering at my workplace-to-be.. i'll tell where when the time comes haha~

hardcored, i was home at 12am+

my tiredness somehow reduced my time for online. which is, WOHOO.. xDD
wonder if any midnight kaki missed me? hahaas

Today in kindergarten:

this girl has a story.

she has the MOST beautiful hair..and makes her the prettiest girl in the kindergarten.. :D
i like her, partly cuz of the hair (xD) and she's really cute..unlike the others, for me she's just extra naive..well u won't understand unless u meet her =p
first few days of school she gave me quite a bad impression, she didn't even know how to colour!!
not that she doesn't wanna learn, i see she's quite keen on learning, just that she's a lil slow.. =.=
now that it's ard february, i see sooooo much improvement in her.

getting cuter + getting smarter + getting hyper = Impressed! =)

this boy has a story (too!)

A cry baby. haha the more i look at him, the more i think he looks like Chip n Dale the squirrels LOL..sorry arr, but he's wayyy tooo cute, and he actually walk like a cartooon!!....xp he did his work faster than the rest, but yet his mentally is slower than the rest..

so what is he? =x

this lil guy! =.=

nope no story for him, i didn't plan to take his picture, but when he saw me with my phone camera he rushed to me n looked up '什么来的哦?' hahaa, look at the picture above (his mouth) and he was actually saying the word '哦' =p

SS much =.=


remember this handsome fella? yehhh my fav guy! *huggiez~ ahaha..each time he cry, he'll look for me! aww~ i love his smile, i love his smile..i JUST LOVE HIS SMILEEE!! :DD

crazy hor me? =x

few days ago SOMEBODY was complaining. Somebody has alooot of work to do. Somebody couldn't finish them in time. So what to do, that SOMEBODY came to me. SOMEBODY asked for my help. SOMEBODY is soo smart. SOMEBODY kept urging me to help. Guess what?

SOMEBODY threw two assignments for me to do.

any idea who this SOMEBODY is?


the sky this morning impressed me.

after 2 days of rain, the Lord finally answered our prayer.

look at how faithful our God is? =)

♥ Jo


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