Mar 29, 2011

at 2:37 PM

a Girl in a mood LOL

I'm soooo in a mood right now :D


no tuitions today, FREEDOM that is!

like finally, i have hours for myself, just time to do those stuffs that i wanted to do loooong ago.. hehh.. now u know, working is never GOOD! (except for the $$ part of course ;p) soon enough i ll be gone for my national service. till then, i have to say BYEBYE to FREEDOM. Starting form6, and continue my tuitions at the same time. I won't know if i can cope with them, or will I be too tired? aihss.. Anyway, let's worry NOT bout the future, and enjoy to the max! xD

i have an XL ulcer at my inner lips. goodness, i'm talking like a granny with no teeth! D; it hurts more yesterday when i had to teach a standard1 boy phoenix! words like 'six' , 'sand' , 'socks', 'soap' etc etc.. i had to forced my lips to pronounce it properly. i tell you, it's as if you're biting your own lips, HARD! D;

i have new neighbours living just next door. it may sound good, but i'm in danger =x it's an indian family, both husband wife, and a kid. heard from my other neighbours that they were blacklisted some time ago, moved out from my flat, and now back here for no reason. every time i leave house, it's either the husband or wife that will be standing there and watch. what could they be thinking? were there any plans? or they were merely taking in some fresh air outside xDD

whatever it is, i put on double locks every time i go out, and make sure windows are close, prevention is better than cure mah! xP and people, if anything bad were to happen, please report for me, it might be my neighbor!! (haha like so bad hor..) and just in case i'm no longer here, please know that..

i Love ALL of you!


one advantage of long hair.

is to act like a STUPID girl


♥ Jo

Mar 28, 2011

at 11:32 PM

you were right.

hi bloggie!

gonna make this short n sweet.

- Specs broke into half. 'no way to repair unless u chg the frame,' said the specialist.
- Drum is awesome!
- National Service delayed, starting on the 15th of May.
- Ate alot chocolates lately. KitKat! wee wang wang~
- Went swimming, getting tanner! T_T
- Might not buy new phone so soon yet =(
- I'm still praying for you.
- God is 24/7 watching over you. =)

nobody knows what i'm struggling for,
nobody understands me well,
but God is the one that comforts me most of the time.

aihs =')


my to-do-list

- finish up my novels.
- start searching for scholarships!
- online less.
- emo less!
- tidy up room.
- spare more chocolate!
- visit my ex choir team =)
- another recording for D the Pro!
- pray!
- love God more.
- yes, love Him more. =)

I promise I'll be strong no matter what!!!!!

*wink wink*


I wish,

Mar 24, 2011

at 1:31 AM

After 'Doom'.

not so much of doom.

today, or to be exact, yesterday..turned out very well =)

Lord is so good to me..hahax. and im no longer attached to SPM now!

the moment i came home today, my facebook was flooded.
don't get me wrong, nt being boastful.. but the more they congratulate me, the more i want to thank God.. like some of them said jokingly, 'woahh God just did a miracle!' (double meaning =.=) hahaa celaka right?! xDD but it was indeed true.. if it wasn't for God's blessings, i would never get results like this.

He gave me the energy to stay up for revision.
He gave me the perseverance to keep going on.
He gave me friends to support me.
He gave me the peace to sit for all my papers.
He gave me wisdom.
He gave me strength.
He gave me His love.

yes i made it!
i don't see how smart am i, but how good He is!


i have many friends who did great too, some were being discontented, some were very happy. however or whoever u are, i'm still so proud of u guys! xD

never did i realize that i actually missed school..not until the moment i was thanking my teachers, hugging them, talking to them n meeting my old friends. not to say like 'I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!'..but instead, school has been part of my life. Those were the days..

haha shuddup lahh Joey Tien, ure going back to school anyway.. xp

yes people, i'm planning to go for form6.
so stop asking me 'wats ur plans'! freaks me much.. =x
i was tired of answering actually, telling the same old stuff for the past 3 months!

was talking to some old friends, and we were just flashbacking some old school life. Loved it.

Moral classes were terrifying.
We used to hate Tuesday alot, becuz why? 2 periods of moral.
the moment Pn Lim entered, class would be in total silence.
the next sentence would always be, 'ok semua bangun, tutup buku.'
yes, those annoying definition.

Account classes stinked.
papers over papers. chapters over chapters. notes, notes, and more notes.
and whats worse, we hated it when she asked to explain the concepts.
'wait which chapter are we in?'
'syiaks, i forgot to do my account!'
'eh done ur work? lend me hehe..'
so familiar right.

AdMaths classes were breathtaking.
oh please, we ain't genius.. so could you please, SLOW DOWWWWN!
she wouldn't stop flipping the work book.
she took one period to explain one whole chapter,
and i took the next whole period digesting just 1/3 of them.
wanna see my admaths work book? 5/6 were undone. =)

Science classes were boooooring.
i tried hard to stay awake, but most of the time i failed.
dear Ms. Claire, the cutest teacher ever.
she made us laugh, she made laugh, she just never fail to make us LAUGH!
laugh out LOUD!
her english was perfect, which was what made her worry most.
'do you understand?' 'do you really understand?'
oh dear Ms. Claire.

Maths classes were heartbreaking.
yes we loved Pn. Gan. she's cool she's friendly she's cute she's funny.
but so what, we hardly had a day without homework.
it was either 10 pages of Atom, or 10pages of workbook.
that was it.

now that we've left school, now that we've gotten our results.
those teachers that we complained most,
has became those that we truly want to give thanks to.
don't you agree?

without them,

without A.

♥ Jo


Mar 22, 2011

at 2:05 PM

Before Doom.

need not mention, everyone knows what day is tomorrow.

jus a lil tension-relieve here =x
oh well, don't ask me what's my target, tired of this question lol. i avoid answering becuz i would only get discourage in the end! who wouldn't want the best right? so yeh, forget it.

i kept reminding myself God is above all, SPM is only part of our lives.

heheeh, gonna get tons of messages tomorrow, but i would only reply few.. see if ure the chosen one? XDD kidding HAHA! ahh joey tien, as if.. xp!

today i told those 5-year-old kids,

'吓..姐姐不要走啦...我们会想念你咧... =( '

nyehehe =p

after tomorrow, i ll either be emo or hyper for some time.

U see me, u know me.

God Bless Joey!

(n frens! =p)

♥ Jo


Mar 21, 2011

at 1:51 PM

Back on track! =p

Had McD for breakfast this morning in kindergarten..
muahaha thanks Aunt! yeh the beshh~! =p

holiday's over, school reopens, and i'm back to work. =) i was excited last night cuz no doubt, i missed those kids! O; i went kindergarten with much energy, the moment i reached, all i heard was 'jie jie 早安!', 'jie jie good morning!'..haha see? they didn't disappoint me XDD

syiaks, SS max =p

Today i got to hear from my aunt again, she always tells me about her walk with God, i enjoy hearing them, because her testimonies never fail to inspire me.. She told me bout a miracle happened yesterday. She n my aunt from KL was supposed to preach in EFC church yesterday, and my aunt was supposed to sing n minister to the people.. so yesterday morning, she woke up with serious sore throat, totally lost her voice. Even this morning when she talked to me, her voice was shaky.. so before the service she thought she couldn't sing, but later she told herself, no tat's not the way.. so instead, she prayed and asked God for strength. Last minute before she sang, her voice was still in the same condition, but by faith, she went on. The moment she opened her mouth, the voices came out so beautifully and she began singing n minister to the people. Right when the service was over, her voice went back the old way.

Indeed it was God's work. Praise God! =))

Other than that, she shared with me alot about God, and i believe through my aunt, God was speaking right into my heart. Her words made me think, and at the same time, my faith increased.

hehe me getting a lil too serious here xD lets talk bout sumthin happy!
i got my license last Friday and Joey Tien is officially a driver now. wee wang wang~ o.o i drove daddy's car the other day and get alot of scoldings from him =.='

LOL soli lorh, beginner mah..=x

Last thursday was a lovely day.. nyehehe.
thanks KK n Xuan, love u both!
met some new friends.
and i FINALLY know how to skate!
thanks dear =)

and this..

dont worry, i won't forget to eat them.

When talks.

As usual,
♥ Jo

Mar 18, 2011

at 11:33 AM

V-Pro part2!

Before i start my post, lemme share with u a true story happened in year 2007.


In the public hospital of Itaguaí Brasil (RJ) was born a girl with hands joined together, like one who's praying.

The doctors told the parents that they would operate on the hands of that girl. The operation was easy because they were just one membrane (skin) layer apart.

When they opened up the hands of that child, you can't imagine what was written...


The doctors started weeping and all that were in the hospital.

The suburb of Itaguaí is undergoing a movement now,
People that had withdrawn from church are going back and others are receiving Jesus Christ as the only Savior.
God sent that child simply to convey that message.

After a few hours she died.

The Lord of Lords is coming back.'Seek you the LORD while HE may be found, call you upon Him while He is near:' Isaiah 55:6


this was a msg frm my aunt, i've tried to search for photos but couldn't find any..aihs. =.=
but when i read the message, again God reminded me that He is near.


Camp photos are OUT!~ click the links below to view.. =)

Carol's Cam 1

Carol's Cam 2
Carol's Cam 3
Lily's Cam

Now, abit of the masterpieces. =)

introducing to you,
our dai ga jie aka camera-girl!

the below photos were taken by her,

Carol Tham =)


sleeping beauty?

ohnooz it's the sleeping beast!

Frank Wong xp


this guy,
was a jerk!

*look at those shirts*

Joey (me) :: Bryan (jerk)

Bryan (jerk) :: Joyce

Kay :: Bryan (jerk)

how could he have 3 girls in 2 days?! T_T

muahaha just kidding, he's an awesome guy!

Bryan Tham ^_^


Group Photos!

Group 1 : Radiance

their makeups were perfect!

Krystle :: Bryan :: Kay (gl) :: Melissa :: Rachel :: Hannah (assist. gl)


Group 2 : Peace On You

their actings were perfect!

Kelly (assist. gl) :: Hui Nih :: Carol :: Kelvin :: Huay Mein (gl)


Group 3 : Aver

their ideass were perfect!

Joyce (gl) :: Pei Ru :: Xuan (assist. gl) :: Chu :: Angel :: Jeremy


last but not least,

Group 4 : V-Pro!

yep this was my group.

we may not have the best makeups
we may not have the best acting
we may not have the best ideas

Lily (assist. gl) :: Frank :: Kreuz :: Joey (me) :: Pauline (gl)

but so what, we have the best members! =p





If it wasn't for my retard phone..

I would have taken so many photos of the beach..

aihs.. =)

U guys are my friends for life.

One Family,
One Heart,
One Passion,
One Christ!

♥ Jo

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