Mar 10, 2011

at 10:44 PM

0% confidence, 100% faith.

Joey in da house wheehaa! xD

actually i have no energy left for now.. but ther's sumthing tat keeps me so excited! this morning was my JPJ driving test, and guess what? all my prayers were answered..

i woke up with 85% battery.
went INMAJU for test, minus 30% energy, 55% left..
i PASSED both the parking one and road test. plus 20%, equals to 75%. =p
went for lunch with dad, told him the wholeee process, minus 10%, 65% left.
came home, showered, plus 5%, equals to 70%.
online! played facebook game. minus 20%, left 50%.
did some chores, talked to mum n told her bout my test. minus 10%, 40% left.
went tuition til 9pm, minus 20%, 20% left.
came home helped bro to up game lvl..=p minus 5%, 15% left.

now here blogging, with the remaining 15%..
haha LAME!

err sorry, just having fun counting..lols xD

speaking of my test, it was the a very great experience.. i kinda miss the nervousness, u noe, the feeling u get before u go up stage, before u take ur results, before u start doing ur test papers, etc etc. and when u finished everything, when u finally heave a big sigh, when all the stress are gone..

yep tat kind of feeling. =)

my bahagian II was close to perfect, i think. then i got soo nervous b4 i did my bahagian III, which is the road one. when i was sitting at the pondok waiting for my turn, i saw some cars came back with the pemeriksa driving, which means he/she has failed. i went like 'oh my goodness...that hard?...'

5mins later the sir called me, so i went in. it was a malay uncle, quite friendly.. xD so in my heart i was thinking, oh great, a kind one. there were 5 viva and 3 kancil, obviously kancil is the best! cuz i nvr practiced with viva before..

anyway, b4 i start driving i had to adjust mirror check signals blablala.. and i kinda messed the sequence, cuz the pemeriksa asked me to on engine before i check free gear. syiaks, i did as he told, without checking free gear..tolak markah pulak...

pure con. =.=

he chose laluan 3, the easier one! hahas.. ther's one part i went into the lane too fast, the pemeriksa told me 'belum lagi, sini terus jalan.' i was like...omg, will that make me fail?..

it didn't affect the marks. =p

there was a hill b4 turning right to INMAJU, normally i went up straight without stopping, but this morning ther were soo many cars up there until i had no choice but to stop. i went so nervous and my mind went blank right away. what's the nxt step?..but thank God my car did not went down the hill =D

the stupidest mistake i made = Panic.

i kept reminding myself to look at the mirror, and i think i did that tooo often.. xD anyway when i went back and when he gave me the form to sign, he said 'mm, good driver.' i asked him again just to double check, 'tuan, lulus ye?'.. lols.. instantly the big stone behind me was lifted. =)

God is good, isn't He?

first, he took away my worries.
second, he gave me wisdom.
third, he gave me a kind pemeriksa.
forth, he gave me a kancil instead of viva.
fifth, he protected me on road.


now who said i can't pass that easy without bribe?
who said i must do second time?

when there is God, there is no fear.

i had 0% confidence,

but with 100% faith.

thanks for all the prayers.

♥ Jo


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