Mar 21, 2011

at 1:51 PM

Back on track! =p

Had McD for breakfast this morning in kindergarten..
muahaha thanks Aunt! yeh the beshh~! =p

holiday's over, school reopens, and i'm back to work. =) i was excited last night cuz no doubt, i missed those kids! O; i went kindergarten with much energy, the moment i reached, all i heard was 'jie jie 早安!', 'jie jie good morning!'..haha see? they didn't disappoint me XDD

syiaks, SS max =p

Today i got to hear from my aunt again, she always tells me about her walk with God, i enjoy hearing them, because her testimonies never fail to inspire me.. She told me bout a miracle happened yesterday. She n my aunt from KL was supposed to preach in EFC church yesterday, and my aunt was supposed to sing n minister to the people.. so yesterday morning, she woke up with serious sore throat, totally lost her voice. Even this morning when she talked to me, her voice was shaky.. so before the service she thought she couldn't sing, but later she told herself, no tat's not the way.. so instead, she prayed and asked God for strength. Last minute before she sang, her voice was still in the same condition, but by faith, she went on. The moment she opened her mouth, the voices came out so beautifully and she began singing n minister to the people. Right when the service was over, her voice went back the old way.

Indeed it was God's work. Praise God! =))

Other than that, she shared with me alot about God, and i believe through my aunt, God was speaking right into my heart. Her words made me think, and at the same time, my faith increased.

hehe me getting a lil too serious here xD lets talk bout sumthin happy!
i got my license last Friday and Joey Tien is officially a driver now. wee wang wang~ o.o i drove daddy's car the other day and get alot of scoldings from him =.='

LOL soli lorh, beginner mah..=x

Last thursday was a lovely day.. nyehehe.
thanks KK n Xuan, love u both!
met some new friends.
and i FINALLY know how to skate!
thanks dear =)

and this..

dont worry, i won't forget to eat them.

When talks.

As usual,
♥ Jo

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