Mar 22, 2011

at 2:05 PM

Before Doom.

need not mention, everyone knows what day is tomorrow.

jus a lil tension-relieve here =x
oh well, don't ask me what's my target, tired of this question lol. i avoid answering becuz i would only get discourage in the end! who wouldn't want the best right? so yeh, forget it.

i kept reminding myself God is above all, SPM is only part of our lives.

heheeh, gonna get tons of messages tomorrow, but i would only reply few.. see if ure the chosen one? XDD kidding HAHA! ahh joey tien, as if.. xp!

today i told those 5-year-old kids,

'吓..姐姐不要走啦...我们会想念你咧... =( '

nyehehe =p

after tomorrow, i ll either be emo or hyper for some time.

U see me, u know me.

God Bless Joey!

(n frens! =p)

♥ Jo


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