Mar 7, 2011

at 10:43 PM

Double Dang.

the best feeling u get from kids is when they appreciate you.. how many would actually remember the first stranger to give you a sweet? or the first stranger to pinch ur face n say 'ure so cute!'..
none, haha! most of the kids only love the stuff u give them, and not how much u care for them.
so yep, i've tasted it thou.. my heart just melted when they said 'xie xie jie jiee!!!' with the sweetest smile they could give!!.. hahax x) and every time they greet me good morning or goodbye..aww =)

I love kids, they spelled pure love.

entering the main purpose of this post, please read again, doble dang, it is.

today's a not-so-good day. first my phone spoiled, then i caused troubles. it all came together, made me so, soooo panic! =( so the story goes like week is my camp, so i had to chg my tuition schedule. so in short, it doesn't affect my classes this week. i was supposed to have an english class at 5.30pm today, but becuz there were some misunderstanding, my tuition class today mistakenly postponed to tomorrow, so isn't a time to point finger n blame each other, whether i said wrongly, or they heard it wrongly, it is still my responsibility.. i pray that it won't affect their reputation.. ahh sigh..

In the midst of these chaos, handphone is the best thing that helps. no idea why, but my phone chose to go GG at time like this...gahhh! half of the buttons had no response, my properly-plugged earphone gave me no sound at to reply msg? how to answer call from them?...and i adjusted my earphone, thank God it was normal again..

so when finally everything settled, i apologized, i checked my phone again, all the buttons went back normal, and everything functioned nicely..i was like....what in the world.....

very complicating right? dont bother, just me abreacting.

i find it so hard to breathe lately.. reasons,

-driving test this thursday
-new classes at tuition centre
-spm results
-personal emotion

after this week, i can at least take a deep breathe and say hey, i'm still alive. =)
*touch wood if nth bad happens..hehe.. reasons,

-CIA camp at PD, wheees
-school holiday, means no work for me!

-it's the full moon period, 15th that is.. =)
-another day with you!

some random new stuff:
i now go to bed with 5 types of medication. rofl. =x

x x x

sometimes when you get it too easily,
you tend to take it for granted.
one day when it's gone,
you're never gonna get it back.
don't ever regret,
for something that you forgot to appreciate..

i'm still me.

Joey Tien.

♥ Jo

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