Mar 29, 2011

at 2:37 PM

a Girl in a mood LOL

I'm soooo in a mood right now :D


no tuitions today, FREEDOM that is!

like finally, i have hours for myself, just time to do those stuffs that i wanted to do loooong ago.. hehh.. now u know, working is never GOOD! (except for the $$ part of course ;p) soon enough i ll be gone for my national service. till then, i have to say BYEBYE to FREEDOM. Starting form6, and continue my tuitions at the same time. I won't know if i can cope with them, or will I be too tired? aihss.. Anyway, let's worry NOT bout the future, and enjoy to the max! xD

i have an XL ulcer at my inner lips. goodness, i'm talking like a granny with no teeth! D; it hurts more yesterday when i had to teach a standard1 boy phoenix! words like 'six' , 'sand' , 'socks', 'soap' etc etc.. i had to forced my lips to pronounce it properly. i tell you, it's as if you're biting your own lips, HARD! D;

i have new neighbours living just next door. it may sound good, but i'm in danger =x it's an indian family, both husband wife, and a kid. heard from my other neighbours that they were blacklisted some time ago, moved out from my flat, and now back here for no reason. every time i leave house, it's either the husband or wife that will be standing there and watch. what could they be thinking? were there any plans? or they were merely taking in some fresh air outside xDD

whatever it is, i put on double locks every time i go out, and make sure windows are close, prevention is better than cure mah! xP and people, if anything bad were to happen, please report for me, it might be my neighbor!! (haha like so bad hor..) and just in case i'm no longer here, please know that..

i Love ALL of you!


one advantage of long hair.

is to act like a STUPID girl


♥ Jo


Tommy said...

I think i can consider myself as neighbor? XD as its juz miles a way from ur flat =p take care (for both situations )

MidnightGurl said...

yehh you! another dangerous neighbor! xp..thanks ehh, rmb to report for me.. =p


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