Mar 6, 2011

at 10:05 PM

Now time is extra slow.

QTI is done! :D
in case u dont know, its my pra driving test. i was super nervous that morning, even thou my uncle told me 100% pass one, cuz they'll give us chance.. o.o the actual one will be on nxt thursday! wish me all the best ar?.. =)) but well, i heard from alot of my frens that i'll fail if i dont bribe them..i was like huh.. =.='.. die lah, is Malaysia really that low standard ar?..

anyway, i will never bribe them to pass.

What fear is there, when i have God? =)

i'm getting more 'pizza-ish' lately, last week i ate, today ate again at parade..xp pepperoni with cheezy lava is superb, incredibly awesome! muahaha, had a good time =)

last night was aweful, i went to sleep with worries n pains..but somehow believing that life's gonna be so great n meaningful.. i'd still say, God takes hold of my life. things are going to work out anyhow..righttt? =)

woke up at 9.55am this morning, went for tuition till 11.30am, came home, went back to bed, slept all the way til 3pm. i felt good thou.. sleeping too much isn't that bad afteral..


need new phone very badly! i was browsing some SE phones the other day, wanted one with 5mp.. giler.. haha nxt month, maybe.. but nxt month is already like next 100years for me.. arghhhh! =x

til then, im off.

I finally understand,

Your feelings that day.

♥ Jo

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