Mar 18, 2011

at 11:33 AM

V-Pro part2!

Before i start my post, lemme share with u a true story happened in year 2007.


In the public hospital of Itaguaí Brasil (RJ) was born a girl with hands joined together, like one who's praying.

The doctors told the parents that they would operate on the hands of that girl. The operation was easy because they were just one membrane (skin) layer apart.

When they opened up the hands of that child, you can't imagine what was written...


The doctors started weeping and all that were in the hospital.

The suburb of Itaguaí is undergoing a movement now,
People that had withdrawn from church are going back and others are receiving Jesus Christ as the only Savior.
God sent that child simply to convey that message.

After a few hours she died.

The Lord of Lords is coming back.'Seek you the LORD while HE may be found, call you upon Him while He is near:' Isaiah 55:6


this was a msg frm my aunt, i've tried to search for photos but couldn't find any..aihs. =.=
but when i read the message, again God reminded me that He is near.


Camp photos are OUT!~ click the links below to view.. =)

Carol's Cam 1

Carol's Cam 2
Carol's Cam 3
Lily's Cam

Now, abit of the masterpieces. =)

introducing to you,
our dai ga jie aka camera-girl!

the below photos were taken by her,

Carol Tham =)


sleeping beauty?

ohnooz it's the sleeping beast!

Frank Wong xp


this guy,
was a jerk!

*look at those shirts*

Joey (me) :: Bryan (jerk)

Bryan (jerk) :: Joyce

Kay :: Bryan (jerk)

how could he have 3 girls in 2 days?! T_T

muahaha just kidding, he's an awesome guy!

Bryan Tham ^_^


Group Photos!

Group 1 : Radiance

their makeups were perfect!

Krystle :: Bryan :: Kay (gl) :: Melissa :: Rachel :: Hannah (assist. gl)


Group 2 : Peace On You

their actings were perfect!

Kelly (assist. gl) :: Hui Nih :: Carol :: Kelvin :: Huay Mein (gl)


Group 3 : Aver

their ideass were perfect!

Joyce (gl) :: Pei Ru :: Xuan (assist. gl) :: Chu :: Angel :: Jeremy


last but not least,

Group 4 : V-Pro!

yep this was my group.

we may not have the best makeups
we may not have the best acting
we may not have the best ideas

Lily (assist. gl) :: Frank :: Kreuz :: Joey (me) :: Pauline (gl)

but so what, we have the best members! =p





If it wasn't for my retard phone..

I would have taken so many photos of the beach..

aihs.. =)

U guys are my friends for life.

One Family,
One Heart,
One Passion,
One Christ!

♥ Jo


Chea Ru Yen said...

"One family
One heart
One passion
One Christ"

NICE leh~ (:

大头虾萝卜 said...

tak da 1 Malaysia ka?? XD

MidnightGurl said...

ru yen, hehe yalorh.. ;))

carol, one malaysia 不可靠!xD


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