Mar 15, 2011

at 1:02 PM

V-Pro rocks!

Nop, V-pro is not a brand nor a phone model, just in case.. LOL!

Senior Camp 2011 at PD was superb, 2 days 1 night seemed like a few hours to me..
good time flies, somebody once taught me how to psycho myself and think that i'm having a bad time.. that way time would be 'slower'..haha.. glad to have spent my time with most of the senior youths, they are a great bunch of awesome friends.. =))

no idea why, i always get pro teammates.. muahah! Pauline the smart leader, Lily the sporting assistant, Kreuz the joker, and Frank the steady one x) not forgetting also those who went home the first night, Pastor Marriane, Beatrice and Naton. there were 4 groups, and V-Pro is our group name, idea was from pastor herself =p wulala~

our group got 2nd place, 5 marks away from first place.. o.o grateful enough, never knew we'd be able to chase back the marks in the end xD

again it was the senior camp, one without schedule, and no rules saying we should go to bed early. so instead of sleeping, we spent 3 quarter of the night playing outside the dorm. =p alot of thinking required, and finally slept at 5.30am.. i didn't sleep well cuz of the aircond, which caused me heavier flu even now.. =( and the blanket was a mini one.. =.=

the camp theme was 'Positivity'..and i think it's really useful as sumtimes we're just too busy complaining until we forgot to be grateful.. i would like to thank all the 4 committees, Derek, Julian, Kenneth and Grace. they've did a good job and thank God for protecting us thruout the whole camp.

No serious injuries,
No unwanted issues
No conflicts
and of couse,
No Tsunami.


photos have not been uploaded YET cuz of the tutle-ish line.. so please stay tuned for more.. =)


it's the school holiday now, at first i find it very thrilling cuz holiday means no work for me! and i get to online whole day n ply game n watever tat entertains me xD but now that i have nothing else to do, holiday spells boredom.


if u remember one of my post in Feb that talked about my buying list, i hereby give thanks to somebody that helped to fulfill one of them =p thank you Julian Lee, for the bilingual bible. =) loving it so much, soo much!

time is passing me by..
wish it could be slower,
so that i would not miss out
every single thing,
that comes to me.

♥ Jo


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