Mar 3, 2011

at 12:46 AM

While Waiting.

Song Playing: I Wanna Know by Joe

Indeed, music is the best thing on earth.
It soothes my heart.


have u ever tried celebrating 3 birthdays in less than a week?
as in 3 close frens! haha, epic thou. i'm going broke =x

Last Sunday morning went out with Kay, a very random one..lols, jus had to teman her out to buy sum craft materials. Went popular to buy books for my students too. We randomly went to the lower ground, randomly walked by the fast food restaurants, randomly bumped into Pizza Hut. As random as it was, we had an awesome meal which cost me amost rm50. Note that it was just both of us.. Randomness. Uh.

Song Playing : Pyramid by Charice ft. Iyaz

That night, went S2 Steamboat for JL n PC's birthdays. A total of 20+ people with 4 tables joined together. Cool hor~ Ahh anyway, i only enjoyed the cooking n fryin session, no idea why, i just don't fancy steamboat xD not like their food is superb..+ it's self service! =x if it wasn't for the fellowship, i wouldn't wana waste my rm23 bucks. Had fun thou.. =) Ouch much, worth max. haha!

Song Playing: Shadows by Westlife

It's a very busy week for me. More tuitions, less free time. hou yam gong arhh~ lol.. Those kids in kindergarten are getting cuter...*evil laughs! sheeesh, i can't control xD.. i said in my previous post that ive been shouting these days. proven larh, sore throat noww..sigh! and yea, hiccups none stop today..

people say,
sneeze once = somebody's talking bad bout u.
sneeze twice = somebody's missing u.
sneeze thrice = u're sick!

so what does hiccups mean? ._.

Song Playing: Sunshine by JoJo

Saving up, almost reachin my goals. wheehees. =)) Praise God for his blessings!
Ahh gotta get back on my novels, collecting dust already.. =x but problem is, when do i read them? my free time is between lessons, which is also the only time i can take a short sweeet nap.. maybe cut down a lil of my online time?..xDD

Song Playing: Train Wreck by Elliot Yamin

there were actually more songs in between. heh.. i never once blogged in 30 mins or an hour time. It usually takes me more than an hour, cuz i'll be chatting, browsing, idling, dreaming, etc etc. Hoh..

I noticed this post is abit shytty thou, lotsa craps xD

Song Playing: I.Y.A by Chris Brown.

Aite i'm done. Was looking thru my old photos. Share some with u ok? muahaha.

First camwhored picture in 2007 (Form2).


Early 2008 (Form3).

Late 2008 (Form3).

End of 2008 (Form3).

Early 2009 (Form4).

Look at my bangs =.=

Late 2009 (Form4).

Early 2010 (Form5)

Middle 2010.

Late 2010.

Early 2011.

Joey ain't pretty.
You're no way better.



Song Playing: I'll Be There For You by BSB.

As usual,
♥ Jo

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