Mar 28, 2011

at 11:32 PM

you were right.

hi bloggie!

gonna make this short n sweet.

- Specs broke into half. 'no way to repair unless u chg the frame,' said the specialist.
- Drum is awesome!
- National Service delayed, starting on the 15th of May.
- Ate alot chocolates lately. KitKat! wee wang wang~
- Went swimming, getting tanner! T_T
- Might not buy new phone so soon yet =(
- I'm still praying for you.
- God is 24/7 watching over you. =)

nobody knows what i'm struggling for,
nobody understands me well,
but God is the one that comforts me most of the time.

aihs =')


my to-do-list

- finish up my novels.
- start searching for scholarships!
- online less.
- emo less!
- tidy up room.
- spare more chocolate!
- visit my ex choir team =)
- another recording for D the Pro!
- pray!
- love God more.
- yes, love Him more. =)

I promise I'll be strong no matter what!!!!!

*wink wink*


I wish,

1 comment:

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