Apr 30, 2011

at 12:32 AM

Next phase of life!

result for matriculation is out, I am not selected.
I had no worries because I already left it for God to decide for me.


Form 6, that is.

Just few days back, uncle from London called. He congratulated me for my results (which is old news liao xD) and said gonna reward me a PHONE! muahaha. I tell you, I can never go any more excited that time T_T talked to my aunt also. You'd be surprised what she actually said.

Uncle: go n get a new phone, what model you prefer?

Me: SE!

Uncle on the other end talked to aunt: 'eh she wants SE wor!'
then back on the line,

Uncle: your aunt asked to get the 2k phone. how's that?

i went like WOOOOOTZ?!..hahaha I don't blame them lahh, probably becuz they stayed there for too long, forgot that Msia is quite a 'cheap' place. No offense ar, i meant the stuff here is cheaper compare to western country like London. hehe.

But then of course i said no.. Joey is no greedy girl ma~ (konon-nyerr xD)
hmm, still thinking what to get. Any suggestion?

Updates at work:

YingYi is a curious girl. She just never stop asking questions lately.

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲, 做么他写到酱乱的?*pointing at another exercise book*
(jiejie i tell you, how come his writing so ugly?)

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲,你住哪里的哦?
(jiejie i tell you, where do u live o?)

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲,做么你有这把尺的?
(jiejie i tell you, how did you have this ruler?)

she's a cute girl, just ain't that smart. But her curiosity surprises me! who knows she might turn into one intelligent girl when she grows older! ;D

4 months working at kindergarten is alot of fun. I learned how to deal with kids, and get to understand kids psychology as well. But one bad thing is, i've became fiercer, little things seem to irritate me alot..sigh! not ALL the time thou. Now that i'm quitting, now that i'm going on with life, i HAVE to get rid of this..mangzang-ness..(whatever you call that heh)

One thing I can be sure of,

I'll miss'em!

♥ Jo

Apr 27, 2011

at 12:03 AM

Not Yet.

Happy (belated) Good Friday & Easter! ;D

Went PD with some friends after church on Good Friday night. Surprised that my mom actually allow me to gooo! =p well it all still depends who i'm going with..heh.. had fun the whole night at the beach, and the sand was so soft as thou ure gonna sink anytime! (just exaggeratin xD) but you have no idea hw much i LOVE the beach..everything of it. =)

We pulled off the next morning at 6.30am and went for breakfast straight. I had only 30mins to sleep before i went church for a meeting at 11am, jus thanked God i managed to stay up abit..hehe.. After meeting i went for Pizza! it was actually my reward, postponed it just to wait for my sister -.- hahax anyway, Pizza was awesome as usual..don't need to elaborate as ive posted much bout Pizza in my older posts xD

exhausted both mentally n physically, i went home n slept from 5pm al the way til next morning. whheeees, proud of it xD


today i walked home from tuition center, and while walking i mumbled a simple prayer.

'Dear Lord, please send somebody to fetch me homeee!'

without thinking much, i continued walking. 10mins later, a white Honda stopped by, window was winded down, a familiar head popped out. dang dang, it's GG!!! i was like, WAHH WHY ARE U HERE DE?...surprised, cuz her house is at a total opposite direction. =p

then later she told me she was actually going for a dinner at the restaurant near my place. So happened she was late o.o or else i won't be able to meet her liao.. God is good, He hears all simple prayers, and He made my 25mins journey to only 10mins! xp


tuitions are stressing me out.

my plan was to stop all my work&tuitions in May, so that i can have 2 weeks rest before i leave for NS. I miss being home alone in the morning, enjoy my breakfast alone, with door closed n music blasting. I miss those moments where i can enjoy Youtube or play game the whole morning til im bored. I miss times where i can listen to music, enjoy snacks and read my novel as thou im in the story myself. I miss chances where i get random calls from friends n go out just whenever i want. I miss doing my own stuff without having to rush for tuitions.

You call it lifeless? I call it enjoy life. =x

I can only dream of'em, cuz they will never come true.. Mum said i can't stop kindergarten, cuz one of the teacher is on holiday til 15th May.. Tuition with May Yee can't stop, becuz she needs me to help her.. Neighbors requesting for tuitions the first week of May, becuz their exam is near..If i need to continue most of the tuitions, then tell me how do i rest? HOW DO I REST!!?

worse still, i heard form6 might start on the 9th of May.
That's it. Nobody can understand how frustrated i am these days.


yesterday wass too much for me, i had to keep the fire in me till my tuitions were over. The moment i got in the car, i couldn't hold back but to burst into tears.. =(

Strange feelings, me no likey...

♥ Jo

Apr 20, 2011

at 1:46 PM


When you're sad,
you tell people you're emo.
When you're happy,
you tell people you're in a good mood.

But what do you call it,
When it's a mixture of extreme excitement and intense heartache?

Aches seem to overtake the rest.
It's as thou i'm stabbing the sharpest knife on earth to myself.

No, it's not the end of the world.
But why am i even in pain?

I once thought everything fits so perfectly.
And then inexplicably it all came crashing down.

Now that the core of me has a big part missing,
I wonder if i could get up myself.

If only you could read me.
If only you knew how much all these meant to me.
If only u cared enough.

No matter what's gonna happen,
I ll still hold on to what I said,
every word, every thought.

No changes, not a bit.

Nobody deserves this,
life's just so funny.

Dear readers,

Please ask me nothing.

I wish,
♥ Jo

Apr 17, 2011

at 12:58 AM

Prayer Answered! ^^


see what i mean?

God is sooo good to me!

I prayed for my National Service whenever i remember. Each time i pray, i told God to give the best for me. Of course, i wanted to go PD cuz it's ONE of the nearest camp to my place. Oh well, main reason was the BEACH! :D:D!

even during my shepherd group, they prayed for me to get PD camp. I did not really expect anything as amazing like that, I only asked God to send me anywhere that suits me.

Just now before i clicked the 'semak' button, me n mother were like,



Bandar Kem : Port Dickson.


LOL, typical Joey Tien.


♥ Jo

Apr 12, 2011

at 10:31 PM

Serene Weather.

Today i had only 1 eng class at tuition center.

Class done at 7pm,
i couldn't find transport home.
Somebody offered me a lift
but in the end i decided to walk home.

That whole 20mins of journey was very enjoyable! :D

I missed walking home,
just like how i used to.

It was drizzling,
made the air extra sweet.
I was taking my time walking,
and singing to myself.

i loved it when it drizzled.


♥ Jo


Either Way. =)

my possibility of going form 6 has increased frm 80% to 90% lol..

went bck to school yesterday, met my counselor, and all she said was, 'aiyoooh! u didn't apply for scholarships? too late....' dang it, i didn't know applications for scholarships only lasted for 2 weeks.. sigh! now my only 2 choices left,

form6 / matriculations..

form6 is much more easier, since i've ard planned everything properly. Results for matrix wil be out end of this month. I prayed to God, if i got selected, i ll go for it. if that's not God's plan, i ll stick to form6. heheeh.

Pn Tan advised me to escape National Service for Form6, but i was abit reluctant. ive been looking forward to NS since months ago =x lols, just hope they will let me out after one month or so..at least it's better than handing my form6 offer letter to them n say i wanna escape, right right?

yes it makes sense! x)

just thinking bout it makes me so excited. i'm going to a new school! woots, can u imagine? i mean, we all went thru 5 yrs in secondary school. same faces, same environment, same friends, same routine.. now that i'm starting form6, everything will be soo new :D


updates at work (kindergarten):

mood sucked yesterday morning.
why? becuz i did not get enough sleep.
so, every lil thing irritated me..
aihs, they're just kids wehh Joey Tien!

then later i found a choc cookie in the fridge.
mood changed right away :D

went n kacau lil Jeff.

'Jeff, 讲, 我是tikus!'
(Jeff, say this, im a tikus!)

'我是tikus.. '
(im a tikus...)


when school ends, Ven Hao saw me marking their books.
he came to me..


then he held my hand and *muax!..


today lagi geng..
when they were eating, i sat with them in a circle..
it's the first time i joined them, so they were like so hyper..
Jeff came so near to me, i tot he wanted to whisper sumthing..
but instead,
he gave me a peck on the cheek..

so cute! :D

Cant wait for May.

everything will be so perfect in God.

♥ Jo

Apr 7, 2011

at 12:31 AM

For you & For me.

can't enjoy foooood D;

for the past one week, my ulcer has been expanding (ahh what a way to put it).. anyway, it hurts when im brushing teeth, hurts more when i gargle, and hurts max while eating.. reason why i eat EXTRA slow these days, no wonder so many complains heh! =P but thankfully, it's recovering x)

was scalded by bali drinks last thursday, that instant i went totally blank..my tongue was BURNING!..even now it still hurts.. ;( so cham right..now ther's a white dot at the center of my tongue..u know when somebody poke u with a sharp needle, that kind of feelings? exactly that when food touches my tongue..goodness...

so hard to find time n blog these days..
it's either i'm too tired, or i have no mood to blog. xD
but either way, i still blog.. o.o

to my juniors, if u're hating school life n thinking to find a job, u better think twice! because working is never fun ;) i've known it even before i start working..and i was very right :X working means less fun time (ive repeated in my blog for COUNTLESS of times d -.-) and u'll start neglecting your friends, as in unofficially.. less gatherings u'll realize, less communications, less attention. i never regret working thou, not like i'm despo, but it's a need for me now.. only few would understand my situations.. but aihss.. long story... ='[

anyway, i do feel bad as things change..i seemed to have spend less time with people around me..too caught up with my work perhaps? not too good a thing, i know.. i'm trying to improve myself, forgive me will you? =) somebody reminded me, 'communication is important'.. u were right sial..xD ohh and, work has been great so far, praise God! whee~

some updates at work (kindergarten)

hating myself for not having a good phone with good quality camera.
hating myself for having a spoiled memory card.

aihs, i missed out sooo many scenes -.-

anyway, gonna dig out old photos of them, just to show u their adorable faces :D

-little Jeff kissed me! x)

not on the cheek thou..it's like, i was standing n duh he's so much shorter.. so he randomly came to me, hugged me n *muacks!* on my shirt.. sweeeetie awww!

-Ven Hao is smart as usual..

again i wanna say, he's only 4yrs old with 3yrs old mentality, yet he can tell you all the colours, read to you from one to thirty, and even spelling them out..the other day the when the mother came n picked him from school, she asked..

'Ven Hao, what did u learn today?' (in mandarin)
'I for I-R-O-N, Iron!'

aihs... =)

- darling Jolin has AGREED to become my lil sister..

HAHA.. love the way she laugh!

unforgettable conversation :

'Jolinnn ahh, 做我的妹妹可以吗?'
(can you become my lil sister?)

*nod nod*

(okay, jiejie sayang you ar~)

*seconds later*

(can you follow me home jiejie? i wanna befriend with you lehh)

with that she made a twisted face, made her EXTRA cute!!

'haha..why are you sooo cute?!'

again she gave me that face..

'har?..i don't remember leh..'


now she'd come to me at least once a day n ask,
(can you talk to me, jiejie?)

and i call her my 'darling Jolin meimei'..
yes she loved it..

Jogoya is awesome! Went all the way to StarHill with 3 others church friends, just to have Jogoya as lunch! my goodness, i've never, never in my life tasted such goood salmon! yalahh, i'm abit outdated i know..(ABIT only okay! =x) and i ate a total of 20 salmons, craziee hor, i myself couldn't believe it.. it's a buffet, so i went for quite a number of rounds, and each round i'd come back with salmons.. heh :D and i grilled them myself with the pot (which was given for us to heat the soup).. promotion is on, buy one free one till end of this month.. go if u can, it worths max!i went with 2 ulcers, came back with one more blister. sadden =.='

some highlights:

focus was the salmon, salmon!

so cute right the sotong.. -.-

Julian :: Carol :: Me (Joey)

Frank camera shy(so called), didn't wana take with us -.-

Haagen Dazs!

life's moving on.
most of my friends are preparing to enter college.
some still thinking which way to go.
some waiting for directions.
some still asking around.
some are being sooo blur bout form6.
me for one!
some are preparing to go for National Service.
me for two..


Joey's checklist before camp.

- Bible
- MP3
- rubix cubes
- sudoku
- chipsmore
- oreo

- chocolate
- my favourite soft toy, duckling~!

so far this is my list

more to come, of course

aww hii Domo

nothing, just random


Always & 4ever,
♥ Jo


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