Apr 7, 2011

at 12:31 AM

For you & For me.

can't enjoy foooood D;

for the past one week, my ulcer has been expanding (ahh what a way to put it).. anyway, it hurts when im brushing teeth, hurts more when i gargle, and hurts max while eating.. reason why i eat EXTRA slow these days, no wonder so many complains heh! =P but thankfully, it's recovering x)

was scalded by bali drinks last thursday, that instant i went totally blank..my tongue was BURNING!..even now it still hurts.. ;( so cham right..now ther's a white dot at the center of my tongue..u know when somebody poke u with a sharp needle, that kind of feelings? exactly that when food touches my tongue..goodness...

so hard to find time n blog these days..
it's either i'm too tired, or i have no mood to blog. xD
but either way, i still blog.. o.o

to my juniors, if u're hating school life n thinking to find a job, u better think twice! because working is never fun ;) i've known it even before i start working..and i was very right :X working means less fun time (ive repeated in my blog for COUNTLESS of times d -.-) and u'll start neglecting your friends, as in unofficially.. less gatherings u'll realize, less communications, less attention. i never regret working thou, not like i'm despo, but it's a need for me now.. only few would understand my situations.. but aihss.. long story... ='[

anyway, i do feel bad as things change..i seemed to have spend less time with people around me..too caught up with my work perhaps? not too good a thing, i know.. i'm trying to improve myself, forgive me will you? =) somebody reminded me, 'communication is important'.. u were right sial..xD ohh and, work has been great so far, praise God! whee~

some updates at work (kindergarten)

hating myself for not having a good phone with good quality camera.
hating myself for having a spoiled memory card.

aihs, i missed out sooo many scenes -.-

anyway, gonna dig out old photos of them, just to show u their adorable faces :D

-little Jeff kissed me! x)

not on the cheek thou..it's like, i was standing n duh he's so much shorter.. so he randomly came to me, hugged me n *muacks!* on my shirt.. sweeeetie awww!

-Ven Hao is smart as usual..

again i wanna say, he's only 4yrs old with 3yrs old mentality, yet he can tell you all the colours, read to you from one to thirty, and even spelling them out..the other day the when the mother came n picked him from school, she asked..

'Ven Hao, what did u learn today?' (in mandarin)
'I for I-R-O-N, Iron!'

aihs... =)

- darling Jolin has AGREED to become my lil sister..

HAHA.. love the way she laugh!

unforgettable conversation :

'Jolinnn ahh, 做我的妹妹可以吗?'
(can you become my lil sister?)

*nod nod*

(okay, jiejie sayang you ar~)

*seconds later*

(can you follow me home jiejie? i wanna befriend with you lehh)

with that she made a twisted face, made her EXTRA cute!!

'haha..why are you sooo cute?!'

again she gave me that face..

'har?..i don't remember leh..'


now she'd come to me at least once a day n ask,
(can you talk to me, jiejie?)

and i call her my 'darling Jolin meimei'..
yes she loved it..

Jogoya is awesome! Went all the way to StarHill with 3 others church friends, just to have Jogoya as lunch! my goodness, i've never, never in my life tasted such goood salmon! yalahh, i'm abit outdated i know..(ABIT only okay! =x) and i ate a total of 20 salmons, craziee hor, i myself couldn't believe it.. it's a buffet, so i went for quite a number of rounds, and each round i'd come back with salmons.. heh :D and i grilled them myself with the pot (which was given for us to heat the soup).. promotion is on, buy one free one till end of this month.. go if u can, it worths max!i went with 2 ulcers, came back with one more blister. sadden =.='

some highlights:

focus was the salmon, salmon!

so cute right the sotong.. -.-

Julian :: Carol :: Me (Joey)

Frank camera shy(so called), didn't wana take with us -.-

Haagen Dazs!

life's moving on.
most of my friends are preparing to enter college.
some still thinking which way to go.
some waiting for directions.
some still asking around.
some are being sooo blur bout form6.
me for one!
some are preparing to go for National Service.
me for two..


Joey's checklist before camp.

- Bible
- MP3
- rubix cubes
- sudoku
- chipsmore
- oreo

- chocolate
- my favourite soft toy, duckling~!

so far this is my list

more to come, of course

aww hii Domo

nothing, just random


Always & 4ever,
♥ Jo



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enen, u too dear! <3 hehee

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very cute le><haha~

MidnightGurl said...

cute horr, so adorableee! xp


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