Apr 12, 2011

at 3:17 PM

Either Way. =)

my possibility of going form 6 has increased frm 80% to 90% lol..

went bck to school yesterday, met my counselor, and all she said was, 'aiyoooh! u didn't apply for scholarships? too late....' dang it, i didn't know applications for scholarships only lasted for 2 weeks.. sigh! now my only 2 choices left,

form6 / matriculations..

form6 is much more easier, since i've ard planned everything properly. Results for matrix wil be out end of this month. I prayed to God, if i got selected, i ll go for it. if that's not God's plan, i ll stick to form6. heheeh.

Pn Tan advised me to escape National Service for Form6, but i was abit reluctant. ive been looking forward to NS since months ago =x lols, just hope they will let me out after one month or so..at least it's better than handing my form6 offer letter to them n say i wanna escape, right right?

yes it makes sense! x)

just thinking bout it makes me so excited. i'm going to a new school! woots, can u imagine? i mean, we all went thru 5 yrs in secondary school. same faces, same environment, same friends, same routine.. now that i'm starting form6, everything will be soo new :D


updates at work (kindergarten):

mood sucked yesterday morning.
why? becuz i did not get enough sleep.
so, every lil thing irritated me..
aihs, they're just kids wehh Joey Tien!

then later i found a choc cookie in the fridge.
mood changed right away :D

went n kacau lil Jeff.

'Jeff, 讲, 我是tikus!'
(Jeff, say this, im a tikus!)

'我是tikus.. '
(im a tikus...)


when school ends, Ven Hao saw me marking their books.
he came to me..


then he held my hand and *muax!..


today lagi geng..
when they were eating, i sat with them in a circle..
it's the first time i joined them, so they were like so hyper..
Jeff came so near to me, i tot he wanted to whisper sumthing..
but instead,
he gave me a peck on the cheek..

so cute! :D

Cant wait for May.

everything will be so perfect in God.

♥ Jo

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