Apr 30, 2011

at 12:32 AM

Next phase of life!

result for matriculation is out, I am not selected.
I had no worries because I already left it for God to decide for me.


Form 6, that is.

Just few days back, uncle from London called. He congratulated me for my results (which is old news liao xD) and said gonna reward me a PHONE! muahaha. I tell you, I can never go any more excited that time T_T talked to my aunt also. You'd be surprised what she actually said.

Uncle: go n get a new phone, what model you prefer?

Me: SE!

Uncle on the other end talked to aunt: 'eh she wants SE wor!'
then back on the line,

Uncle: your aunt asked to get the 2k phone. how's that?

i went like WOOOOOTZ?!..hahaha I don't blame them lahh, probably becuz they stayed there for too long, forgot that Msia is quite a 'cheap' place. No offense ar, i meant the stuff here is cheaper compare to western country like London. hehe.

But then of course i said no.. Joey is no greedy girl ma~ (konon-nyerr xD)
hmm, still thinking what to get. Any suggestion?

Updates at work:

YingYi is a curious girl. She just never stop asking questions lately.

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲, 做么他写到酱乱的?*pointing at another exercise book*
(jiejie i tell you, how come his writing so ugly?)

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲,你住哪里的哦?
(jiejie i tell you, where do u live o?)

YY: 姐姐我跟你讲,做么你有这把尺的?
(jiejie i tell you, how did you have this ruler?)

she's a cute girl, just ain't that smart. But her curiosity surprises me! who knows she might turn into one intelligent girl when she grows older! ;D

4 months working at kindergarten is alot of fun. I learned how to deal with kids, and get to understand kids psychology as well. But one bad thing is, i've became fiercer, little things seem to irritate me alot..sigh! not ALL the time thou. Now that i'm quitting, now that i'm going on with life, i HAVE to get rid of this..mangzang-ness..(whatever you call that heh)

One thing I can be sure of,

I'll miss'em!

♥ Jo


xuan.. said...

X8 Android !!!
i-phone !!!

大头虾萝卜 said...

no need to think lor!!!just tell them u want Iphone4!!!!LOL~btw, SE Xperia 8 is quite good, same like Iphone de, only cost RM600-800. or SE Xperia 10 more good, cost around rm1100-1400 only. ^^

(macam la saye nie jual handpon lo,hahah~konon-nye XD)

大头虾萝卜 said...

wei~wanxuan post comment with me same time LoL^^ Joey c, we both suggest u the same things ler, erm..should consider it XD

xuan.. said...

X8 X8 !!!
u will love it><
cheaper thn i-phone><

not ur money=D
SO u can say u wan i-phone =D

MidnightGurl said...

wahh ada jodoh lorh u both, commented at the same time hehe. too late larh i ard bought Hazel XD thx anyway, but i dont like touchscreen! =x


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