Apr 27, 2011

at 12:03 AM

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Happy (belated) Good Friday & Easter! ;D

Went PD with some friends after church on Good Friday night. Surprised that my mom actually allow me to gooo! =p well it all still depends who i'm going with..heh.. had fun the whole night at the beach, and the sand was so soft as thou ure gonna sink anytime! (just exaggeratin xD) but you have no idea hw much i LOVE the beach..everything of it. =)

We pulled off the next morning at 6.30am and went for breakfast straight. I had only 30mins to sleep before i went church for a meeting at 11am, jus thanked God i managed to stay up abit..hehe.. After meeting i went for Pizza! it was actually my reward, postponed it just to wait for my sister -.- hahax anyway, Pizza was awesome as usual..don't need to elaborate as ive posted much bout Pizza in my older posts xD

exhausted both mentally n physically, i went home n slept from 5pm al the way til next morning. whheeees, proud of it xD


today i walked home from tuition center, and while walking i mumbled a simple prayer.

'Dear Lord, please send somebody to fetch me homeee!'

without thinking much, i continued walking. 10mins later, a white Honda stopped by, window was winded down, a familiar head popped out. dang dang, it's GG!!! i was like, WAHH WHY ARE U HERE DE?...surprised, cuz her house is at a total opposite direction. =p

then later she told me she was actually going for a dinner at the restaurant near my place. So happened she was late o.o or else i won't be able to meet her liao.. God is good, He hears all simple prayers, and He made my 25mins journey to only 10mins! xp


tuitions are stressing me out.

my plan was to stop all my work&tuitions in May, so that i can have 2 weeks rest before i leave for NS. I miss being home alone in the morning, enjoy my breakfast alone, with door closed n music blasting. I miss those moments where i can enjoy Youtube or play game the whole morning til im bored. I miss times where i can listen to music, enjoy snacks and read my novel as thou im in the story myself. I miss chances where i get random calls from friends n go out just whenever i want. I miss doing my own stuff without having to rush for tuitions.

You call it lifeless? I call it enjoy life. =x

I can only dream of'em, cuz they will never come true.. Mum said i can't stop kindergarten, cuz one of the teacher is on holiday til 15th May.. Tuition with May Yee can't stop, becuz she needs me to help her.. Neighbors requesting for tuitions the first week of May, becuz their exam is near..If i need to continue most of the tuitions, then tell me how do i rest? HOW DO I REST!!?

worse still, i heard form6 might start on the 9th of May.
That's it. Nobody can understand how frustrated i am these days.


yesterday wass too much for me, i had to keep the fire in me till my tuitions were over. The moment i got in the car, i couldn't hold back but to burst into tears.. =(

Strange feelings, me no likey...

♥ Jo

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