Apr 20, 2011

at 1:46 PM


When you're sad,
you tell people you're emo.
When you're happy,
you tell people you're in a good mood.

But what do you call it,
When it's a mixture of extreme excitement and intense heartache?

Aches seem to overtake the rest.
It's as thou i'm stabbing the sharpest knife on earth to myself.

No, it's not the end of the world.
But why am i even in pain?

I once thought everything fits so perfectly.
And then inexplicably it all came crashing down.

Now that the core of me has a big part missing,
I wonder if i could get up myself.

If only you could read me.
If only you knew how much all these meant to me.
If only u cared enough.

No matter what's gonna happen,
I ll still hold on to what I said,
every word, every thought.

No changes, not a bit.

Nobody deserves this,
life's just so funny.

Dear readers,

Please ask me nothing.

I wish,
♥ Jo

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