May 16, 2011

at 12:23 AM

Aku Giler.

Hate myself for doing this last minute.

But before I continue, title was random =)

Aihs, i'm actually very tired, but since I'm already leaving tomorrow (National Service), die die also must update lah hahax! I hope this won't take me much time =p

I have too much to say, too little time to talk.
So imma cut off the past events.

Let's talk about today! nyehee =p

It was very rare for me to be totally FREE on a Sunday! Cuz my Sundays are usually packed. This morning had breakfast with my so-close-yet-so-far-friend, beiyisiobeiyi. Had a nice chat =) Then i got to drive her auto car for awhile. xD

Got licence de lah k! =p

I spent my whole afternoon packing stuff. Seriously, i was having fun, it somehow gave me a mixture of emotions. Nop, i never tried leaving home for long period of time like this. Chances of me saying goodbyes are like rain during a sunny day.

Im gonna miss home.

Went back church for choir practice around 5pm, I know I wasn't needed anymore T_T but still I went, just to have some time together with them hehe. Went swimming with some of them after that. Glad they put it at night, or else I'm gonna get tanned even before my National Service. =x

The worst part of swimming: Very very bad for my hair! T_T

For the first n the last time, I went for dinner with my heng dai Donald Kui.. Finally had the chance to talk to you! hehehe happieee =p Sorry I couldn't stay long, see if i stay, I would be writing this post around 3am. xD

Don't forget me like you said you will brother,
because I know U WONT! lala~ =)

Hereby wanna say thanks to those who texted me, those who called me, and those who wished me.. Actually it's just national service, no biggie =D just that I would need time to get used to their time table. And, I WILL BE BACK LAH! T_T don't say like im leaving forever! it doesnt make me feel good T_T

National Service nia Joey Tien, chill =p

below are tons of precious farewell gifts! *love*

see it's DOMO!
woahh big enuf for me to hug hor =p
thx Jul & Angel!

Wonka Nerds.

mini DOMO ;D

This is super cutee............

Thankew darling.

just for fun:
stuff that i can never miss out.

Medication =p

(wahh i don't remember myself using these MUCH at home)

Entertainment x)

(ppl suffer in NS, im exactly the opposite.)


(muahahaaaaa how can i leave this out?)
NEVAA >;))


just in case wana visit wheee~



Blog's gonna be dead for 2 months+.

Byes people.


♥ Jo

May 10, 2011

at 2:49 PM

Let them pictures talk! ;D

Refer to my previous post.


New Specs ;)

Mini Pillow in Pink!
(got this for myself =p)

Double Pillow! x)
(the blue one for my brother~)

and now,


the Chicken Chop that I've wasted.

at 'Fei Zai Restaurant' after school.
(first day in Form6 uniform! =p)

This was what I meant
when I said I need a new phone!

As always,
♥ Jo

May 9, 2011

at 10:43 PM

Hello new school. =)

Ish, forgot to take picture of mah new school D:
nothing special actually, i just thought that maybe pictures would help to make my post more interesting =p

SMK Seri Ampangan, that is.

My procrastination is getting more serious =( I don't seem to have the anxiety anymore. Well I do think sometimes a little of anxiety is healthy lol, you can't expect to go on in life with your sambil lewa attitude right?

My uniform was last minute, my offer letter was last minute, and my black shoes were double last minute! I only remembered i haven't buy shoes last night. lol so this morning i had to rush to Tesco and buy.. =.='

Sigh! weather today was super uber hoooooot! caused me very heavy headache after school.. Dad came n picked me and we went for lunch at 'Fei Zai Restaurant'.. i had this stupid nausea feeling, and wasted half of my chicken chop T_T After meal we went Terminal to buy my new specs lol~ while waiting for it to get done, me n dad walked for almost an hour just to look for my brother's birthday present. gahhh, i tell you, thinking of present is like the hardest thing to do..especially when you're sooo tired and feeling so sick!


nyehee, it's like a mini pillow where you can put ur hand inside.. lol hard to describe thou, pictures will be in my next post..hehes. They were tooo cute until I had to buy 2! one for brother and one for myself xD

By the time i get my specs, it was already 6pm.. and had to take passport size photo. Settled everything and got home at 7pm.. Showered, makan, and off for drum lesson.

There goes my first day of school. Exhausted is the word.

Next week is my National Service,
and no,
NO MORE procrastination,
better get serious now! =)

p/s 1: today itself, i spent bout 300bucks. ouch..
p/s 2: too tired to upload photos, next post! ;D

♥ Jo

May 5, 2011

at 6:54 PM

To the left, To the left. O;

I sensed it, i knew it was coming, i saw it in my own face.

I was right, it came.

Can you imagine yourself in pain, and you have to walk about 1km to a place you DON'T wish to go? Then you have to wait there for 30mins and do something that you DON'T wish to do?

Syiaks much, and before that, you have to tahan 3 kids that DON'T know how to appreciate your work.

Don't forget, you're in pain.


I really can't take it. Plus it's not suppose to be my work.
I thought I was given the chance to rest, but the fact shows otherwise.

I need God's strength, seriously.

Blood's boiling, you heard that?


That was just now.

I had something good to share thou, lol.
My fridge is very chocolatey~ Kitkats al over, choc ice cream, choc candies etc. I look at'em, I chilled alot. Heh.

Got a call from my aunt in KL last night, she's gonna pay half of our (me n sis) camp fees! Goodness, it was as thou God sensed my tightness. =p But then again, coming out from National Service for youth camp is already a problem, I won't hope much, let's just see what God has prepared for me hehe =p

I had to keep reminding myself.

To rely NOT on men,
but on God and only God.

♥ Jo

May 3, 2011

at 2:08 PM

More than This.

Updates at work:

love playing with my phone cam xD

today during breakfast,

(look at my darling boy xp)

he can eat very fast now nyehee.

i held my camera and said,

'Ven Hao, smilllleeee!'

and this is what happened.

he never fail to make me smileeee! =))


this is a new 4-year-old boy.
Today was his first day here,
and it seemed to me like he already knew EVERYONE here.

Loving his boldness.

this is my silly girl.
as cute as ever.


this is so 'Joey Tien'.


♥ Jo

May 2, 2011

at 3:59 PM

I can't wait =)


shisssh, i didn't mean to become a DOMO freak~

so Form6 is starting on the 9th. It's really very rush for me, i haven't even buy my stuff yet =x It's already May, time is passing so fast hor? God has never stop blessing me, really, never.. =) I now have my new phone ad hehe, Hazel J20i, my very very first Sony Ericsson phone! this phone has WiFi, so syiok! haha forgive me k, I never had cool stuff like this =p and No Way i definitely won't bring it to my National Service, can't afford to lose it!

Yes, the graphic cool max.

don't mind my ss-ness


♥ Jo

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