May 16, 2011

at 12:23 AM

Aku Giler.

Hate myself for doing this last minute.

But before I continue, title was random =)

Aihs, i'm actually very tired, but since I'm already leaving tomorrow (National Service), die die also must update lah hahax! I hope this won't take me much time =p

I have too much to say, too little time to talk.
So imma cut off the past events.

Let's talk about today! nyehee =p

It was very rare for me to be totally FREE on a Sunday! Cuz my Sundays are usually packed. This morning had breakfast with my so-close-yet-so-far-friend, beiyisiobeiyi. Had a nice chat =) Then i got to drive her auto car for awhile. xD

Got licence de lah k! =p

I spent my whole afternoon packing stuff. Seriously, i was having fun, it somehow gave me a mixture of emotions. Nop, i never tried leaving home for long period of time like this. Chances of me saying goodbyes are like rain during a sunny day.

Im gonna miss home.

Went back church for choir practice around 5pm, I know I wasn't needed anymore T_T but still I went, just to have some time together with them hehe. Went swimming with some of them after that. Glad they put it at night, or else I'm gonna get tanned even before my National Service. =x

The worst part of swimming: Very very bad for my hair! T_T

For the first n the last time, I went for dinner with my heng dai Donald Kui.. Finally had the chance to talk to you! hehehe happieee =p Sorry I couldn't stay long, see if i stay, I would be writing this post around 3am. xD

Don't forget me like you said you will brother,
because I know U WONT! lala~ =)

Hereby wanna say thanks to those who texted me, those who called me, and those who wished me.. Actually it's just national service, no biggie =D just that I would need time to get used to their time table. And, I WILL BE BACK LAH! T_T don't say like im leaving forever! it doesnt make me feel good T_T

National Service nia Joey Tien, chill =p

below are tons of precious farewell gifts! *love*

see it's DOMO!
woahh big enuf for me to hug hor =p
thx Jul & Angel!

Wonka Nerds.

mini DOMO ;D

This is super cutee............

Thankew darling.

just for fun:
stuff that i can never miss out.

Medication =p

(wahh i don't remember myself using these MUCH at home)

Entertainment x)

(ppl suffer in NS, im exactly the opposite.)


(muahahaaaaa how can i leave this out?)
NEVAA >;))


just in case wana visit wheee~



Blog's gonna be dead for 2 months+.

Byes people.


♥ Jo

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