May 9, 2011

at 10:43 PM

Hello new school. =)

Ish, forgot to take picture of mah new school D:
nothing special actually, i just thought that maybe pictures would help to make my post more interesting =p

SMK Seri Ampangan, that is.

My procrastination is getting more serious =( I don't seem to have the anxiety anymore. Well I do think sometimes a little of anxiety is healthy lol, you can't expect to go on in life with your sambil lewa attitude right?

My uniform was last minute, my offer letter was last minute, and my black shoes were double last minute! I only remembered i haven't buy shoes last night. lol so this morning i had to rush to Tesco and buy.. =.='

Sigh! weather today was super uber hoooooot! caused me very heavy headache after school.. Dad came n picked me and we went for lunch at 'Fei Zai Restaurant'.. i had this stupid nausea feeling, and wasted half of my chicken chop T_T After meal we went Terminal to buy my new specs lol~ while waiting for it to get done, me n dad walked for almost an hour just to look for my brother's birthday present. gahhh, i tell you, thinking of present is like the hardest thing to do..especially when you're sooo tired and feeling so sick!


nyehee, it's like a mini pillow where you can put ur hand inside.. lol hard to describe thou, pictures will be in my next post..hehes. They were tooo cute until I had to buy 2! one for brother and one for myself xD

By the time i get my specs, it was already 6pm.. and had to take passport size photo. Settled everything and got home at 7pm.. Showered, makan, and off for drum lesson.

There goes my first day of school. Exhausted is the word.

Next week is my National Service,
and no,
NO MORE procrastination,
better get serious now! =)

p/s 1: today itself, i spent bout 300bucks. ouch..
p/s 2: too tired to upload photos, next post! ;D

♥ Jo

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