May 5, 2011

at 6:54 PM

To the left, To the left. O;

I sensed it, i knew it was coming, i saw it in my own face.

I was right, it came.

Can you imagine yourself in pain, and you have to walk about 1km to a place you DON'T wish to go? Then you have to wait there for 30mins and do something that you DON'T wish to do?

Syiaks much, and before that, you have to tahan 3 kids that DON'T know how to appreciate your work.

Don't forget, you're in pain.


I really can't take it. Plus it's not suppose to be my work.
I thought I was given the chance to rest, but the fact shows otherwise.

I need God's strength, seriously.

Blood's boiling, you heard that?


That was just now.

I had something good to share thou, lol.
My fridge is very chocolatey~ Kitkats al over, choc ice cream, choc candies etc. I look at'em, I chilled alot. Heh.

Got a call from my aunt in KL last night, she's gonna pay half of our (me n sis) camp fees! Goodness, it was as thou God sensed my tightness. =p But then again, coming out from National Service for youth camp is already a problem, I won't hope much, let's just see what God has prepared for me hehe =p

I had to keep reminding myself.

To rely NOT on men,
but on God and only God.

♥ Jo

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