Jun 19, 2011

at 6:41 PM

Argh such a mess!

Hi people =p
Thought of updating my blog bout PLKN, but i don't seem to have enough time =x

they're giving us 5days break, so nice rite? ;D
i missed my bed like crazy! and of cuz everyone here in seremban..
im leaving again on Tuesday, and will be back on 30th July touch wood if nothing bad happens x)
everythin is so messssy, cant even find time to arrange those pictures O; uploaded some in fb thou..so..

very quick updates :
- I'm in group BRAVO. with 18 girls & 20 over guys.
- My dorm mates are cool & awesome.
- I was chosen to be penolong IC skod.
- I found a twin brother! o.o
- I'm the only christian girl in camp D; with 7 other guys.
- I gained weight! ;D
- I nvr once skip a meal, out of al 6 meals in one day =p
- I'm a pro last minute-er, like seriously.
- Somebody said i laugh like a PONTIANAK i was lik woots.....
- BRAVO is the best so far =p
- weather is HOT
- I love the morning exercises
- I love evening sports
- I love wed & thurs night (kelas agama)
- I love friday's PT Pagi
- I love every Weekends!
- I love the teachers
- I love how God is showing me his presence
- I love how God gives me peace everytime i'm afraid
- I love how God uses me to influence the others
- I hate open burning =.='
- This is so random
- But i just LOVE my camp
- Because God answered my prayer,

He sent me to the best campsite ever =)

♥ Jo


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