Aug 3, 2011

at 3:32 PM

Dangling In The Air

3rd day of school.

My works are increasing everyday.
Notes for 1 paper of 1 subject for the past 2 months is one forth the thickness of my bible.

u got me? lol

anyway, mood swing very unstable these few days. too much to cope, i can hardly breathe.. but no matter how heavy my burden is, I know very well God is with me.. =)

a lil updates,
- I'm officially student of SMK Seri Ampangan.
- I'm in a class of 16. with 80% of them from Bukit Mewah =p
- I'm getting along with them pretty well.
- I'm back with my tuitions.
- I have lots n lots of work to do.
- I sleep quite abit during lessons. =x
- I'm exhausted everyday.
- I'm not suppose to blog NOW.Add Video
- I'm suppose to rest *yawns... ;O

Lots to say,

but well,
next time. =)

♥ Jo



Timothy K. said...

form 6? =)jia you!!

MidnightGurl said...

yes form6! so long nvr hear from u timothy, how's everything? =D

anyway thankssss heeees~ ^^


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