Aug 16, 2011

at 11:07 PM

Heh. =p

My babies are all back!

hehe, i've been keeping them in the box, cuz sister were home.
Now that she's gone back to Kedah..(sigh..D;)
I took my babies out, and put them back at their original positions ^^

aww bayybies! =p

Well, last Sunday I had the whole noon to tidy the mess in my room.

This is the After.
Oh c'mon, please tell me it's neat.

but seriously, it looked worse before this.
Just tooo bad I forgot to take the Before.


I finally decided to use my Bulu-bulu.
I've been keeping it for like, one year plus d.
I started using it today, and everybody is loving it HEHE.
They just can't resist to stroke it.
Well, what to do..

Too nice to be my pencil box LOL.

I finally am using this Bulu-bulu you gave.

Love yah!


♥ Jo

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