Aug 1, 2011

at 6:47 PM

Hi Blogspot! =)

Just so you know,
i just came back from National Service last Saturday. =)
and now,
i shall go on with whats ahead of me.

Everything serious..
The feelings i got the moment i stepped on my doorstep,
yes nth seemed to be different..
but the more i think, the more i hear, the more i see,
the more i was convinced..

Whatever that gave me that kinda feelings,
Life still goes on..

School life has just started,
I didn't even have time to rest.

Not even half a day.

Say I'm playful, say I wasn't serious enough.
But that, is the only way for me to get back the feelings.

I failed. =)

Work has also started.
Busy as always, not like I ask for it..

The need is there, but were these from God?

I need prayers. I need God.

I don't expect people to understand my feelings now..
Because Blogspot has always been my listener.

Nobody understands.

Blogspot does.
God does.


♥ Jo


大头虾萝卜 said...


MidnightGurl said...

无论如何,谢谢你呀~ =))


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