Aug 9, 2011

at 9:04 PM

I still call it a Day.


was an unlucky day.

Ahh shoosh, stop blaming the day, it's just me being clumsy. As always =.=
This morning I was a lil bit late, and my friend thought Im nt following her, so her mother went off without me. D; I had to come back home and call my other friends for help! lol...=x kinda embarrassing thou.
First call, wrong number.
Second call, 'the number you have dialed, is nt available.'
Third call, 'oh she just went to school..'
Forth call, nobody picked.
Fifth call, finally! Dear Jenny picked, but TOO BAD, her car is full.

I panicked. =x

So mum tried to call my aunt. Thank goodness, she agreed to fetch me.
Minutes later, Jenny called back and said her car has 1 extra seat.
So in the end i chose not to trouble my aunt.

God is good. Jenny is good. xD

Before going to class, I went toilet. And oh well, it's locked. gahhhh.....
NO choice, I then dragged myself back to class idly..
The moment I reached, everybody was standing outside at the corridor.

'Joey, 你有带锁匙吗?'
'有啊..' *searched in my pocket* '哦天哪!!'

Only then I realized, leaving my class key at home, means I've also left my house key altogether at home. Swt much, what else can I say?..=.= Lucky another girl brought the key. Or else we ALL would have gotten scoldings from teacher..

Next, recess time.
I went and bought food and left my wallet on the table.
Later when the bell rang, me n friends walked back to class. When we reached the staircase..

'...O.O 哦!...' *turns around*

Double swt.
I went so speechless, wondering what nuts has gotten into my brain today.

Something even worse happened later.
I had diarrhoea in school, went toilet for more than 3 times. Or I should say I ran.

Dear God, are you trying to tell me something? lols

Oh and, I drove by my own for the first time today!! Driving alone on the road at night, with music blasting and nobody else cares where you're heading. The epic feeling is awesome + awesome! I went round and round my garden, just to practice my driving skills lol. =p

But sometimes I still ask myself. Why would God give me a car? Can I really handle everything I have now? And I always get the same answer..

God told me not to worry.

He knows what I'm capable of doing!

p/s: But well, no matter how bad or how good my day was,
refer back to the title of this post. =)


♥ Jo


Bei Yi said...

ok done reading.. gotta go sleep now.. im tired =x nitez =p

MidnightGurl said...

ahaha purposely come read my blog wor? xiek xiek dear~ xD

Bei Yi said...

rest more la u, dnt stay up too late often

MidnightGurl said...

yes ma'am. xp


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