Aug 8, 2011

at 2:45 PM

One step at A time.

Came back from SG yesterday! It was an awesome trip!
Bahaa. ;D I ll update more when I have the time hehe =p

Im worrying for my studies actually, too much to catch up.
I never had a good rest after I came home from PLKN.

My car has arrived. Tehees!
It's in white, and i named it 小白兔! (小白2)
p/s: Carol~ Our 小白should meet each other someday, dont u agree? LOL
Anyway, I thank God for my car, whole heartedly. =)

School is tiring.
I can't find words to describe the tiredness.
Notes after notes, I wonder when can I stop complaining.

Aite, time to rest.
No tuitions in the afternoon, wheee~

Sometimes when you have nobody to talk to,

Look for God.

♥ Jo



大头虾萝卜 said...

agree!awesome wei!hahaha~ 2 xiao bai! jodohnya~XD

MidnightGurl said...

hehehhh~ =p=p


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