Aug 14, 2011

at 10:38 PM

Short updates all the way!

I'm sooo far behind.


i thought i was doing quite good, but come to think of it, i actually have tons of things unsettled yet. Things i promised myself to do, things i HAVE to do.

I'm wasting too much time. Really.

But well, apart from my random emo-ness, i have to really thank God.
For so, so many things.

For my car.
For my studies.
For my friends.
For Bei.


I guess I won't have so much time to update blog anymore.
I have so much other things to do! =(


short updates:
Japanese Buffet

Yuri Japanese Restaurant. =)
Thanks Ah Yee!

My Beloved 小白兔!

This is what happen when you're over-stressed.
Bei oh Bei.


Sorry blogspot, I didn't mean to neglect you.
I still love you lots!

Trying to look like a teacher. LOL

just for fun.

♥ Jo

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