Aug 4, 2011

at 4:37 PM

Squeeeeze! ^_6

Yooz, having lunch now.
I could hear thunders, oh yesh it's gonna rain! =p

Today was good, surprised how I could stand the hours in school. FYI, i slept quite late last night. It's been long since I stayed up for work. Hehes.

I spammed notes last night, notes that I missed when I was gone for NS.
Sister called it Notes Marathon.
I called it Notes Spree.

It doesn't matter, does it? LAME =.= LOL just random.

anyway, i was glad i had good friends in class. They never stop keeping me update in school hehe. Just today, friend was asking if i need another set of notes. Oh welllll, tat was very nice of her but...another set of notes? not now..! lol

Our current monitor is a malay boy. He was blacklisted for coming late to school everyday lol. It sounds serious, but the whole thing was a lil funny hahas.. He has been fired this morning, so automatically the assistant monitor took his place. Friend picked me as her assistant! lalala~ Interesting eh? I never was a class monitor LOL. =p

I actually asked teacher, 'cikgu, biar saya cuba 1 bulan dulu boleh x?' all that she said was EH? =x anyway, I now can be considered as the unofficial assistant monitor. =)) But whether or not its official, it doesnt matter. All that I want is the fun of it only hehehee..

Speaking of that, I felt a lil guilty. Hahas, just before I became the assistant monitor, I was caught by discipline teacher. =x Dang it, he called me out and compared me with my friend (our new monitor). Well, what else can I be caught of other than my hair? lala..but no worries, used to it ard.. xp

Today's Ann's birthday, we sang birthday song for her ;D then later she gave us some sweets n lollipop! so sweet of her~ but it's rare to see birthday girl giving out gifts. =p In return, I gave her my SUPER DUPER NICE CHOCOLATE CHIPS MUFFIN!! ishh, I was abit reluctant actually..cuz the muffin can only be bought from Hi5 factory, you have no idea how precious it is to meeee..TT but well, I chose to give out my best and bless other people, like how the bible taught me to! whee wang wang~ =p I hope she loved it just as much as I do. So, how's my cake dear Ann? =)

Somebody in my class has body odor...for goodness sake, I wanted so much to run away from my class....@__@' but aiyahh, not like he/she wants it also right, fogive him/her lorh. hahax..

Today I stayed back for SLAD. Yesterday friend asked me to prepare for a presentation I was like woootz? so sudden? I wasn't prepared. =x But giving spontaneous speech/talk is very very normal for me already. All thanks to PLKN (National Service) lols. It somehow trained me to be bold on stage. Indeed, I had overcome my stage fright. Praise God huh? =)) Presentation went quite okay I guess. Just abit of spontan work tats all. hehe =D

Conclusion of it:

Praise God, I'm doing better day by day. =)

♥ Jo


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