Sep 20, 2011

at 10:43 PM

Tips n Falls.

Surprised that I would have time to update blog ;X

Anyway, I have to start telling myself, or in other word, convince myself that..

It might be yours, but surely not mine!
nt very much to do with studies, but it's my life.
I'm tired of telling everybody that I'm busy. I'm stressed. I'm emo. I'm tired.

School choir is giving me this stupid burden.
I DON'T have to bother actually. Argh!
I have to arrange, I have to teach, I have to think for the parts.
I enjoy doing it, but not at a transition point like now, where I have to cope with studies and work.


I have other problems coming which is quite, you know, confidential.
Just because there are circumstances, I have to hear mumbles n grumbles.
But yet, I know I'm doing the right thing. Yea, I believe so.
Whatever it is, I know the outcome is good. So I'm giving myself a 'go ahead'.

Today in class.
I got so fed up talking to my P.A teacher.
We actually had a debate in class, between me n her.
Lol oh my, I made myself sound like a bad kid. xD
But yea, you weren't there, you wouldn't know.
She always think she's right! (very much of a high Choleric)
What's wrong having homesickness? What's wrong aiming for a local-U that is nearer to my place? What's wrong having dreams? What's wrong taking care of your younger siblings?

Well, none of these are wrong, but to her, everything is so wrong.
I'm just tired of arguing with her. When I talked back, she raised her voice. She wouldn't give me a chance to state my point. So what's the point discussing? Syiaks her much, in the end I kept my mouth shut. I listened to her, pretend like I agree, and said 'yea teacher, maybe you're right then.'
lol, i know the discussion will go nowhere, so I allowed my mind to go blank and nodded at whatever she crapped.
I'm a bad student, sometimes. Really.
But when I know I'm right, I stay strong at my stand.
She will NEVER understand. =)

At the end of the discussion, before I went back to my seat..
she gave me her 'YOU-CAN'T-WIN-ME' face.

Ahh, teachers.

Finals is in 3 weeks time.
Choir performance is also in 3 weeks time, the day after my last paper.
Today in ICT room friend was telling me.
'You can't stay on with your last minute attitude in Form6. You won't get to score. Even if you start studying now also it's almost impossible to get 2.5..'
Wahh, discouraging much... T_T
Then again I thought. I have God, so don't ever talk to me about possibilities.

Because my God, is a Possible God.

Random picture on my way to school.
The sky is so, beautiful. =)

♥ Jo

Sep 17, 2011

at 12:20 AM

err, Ghost? God? oh well =)

Geeez, somebody was telling ghost stories just now at mamak.. i was scared to death, first time thou... I used to be the steady one whenever people talk bout it, probably becuz i was the only girl there and yeah, nobody else was afraid.

Worst part was, I had to drive home alone!..
I actually parked in front of an empty house with broken windows, meaning to say, I can actually see inside it and yeps, it's double the imba-ness.. Then the next second, I started praying and declaring God's name haha! =p Sorry, I admit I lost abit of my faith, for that few mins of journey home.. They were saying sumthing bout a headless man at the backseat and appearing at the mirror. Syiaks much, I kept looking at the mirror and hoping there wil be cars behind, just so to have the front light shining at me =x

Come back to the praying part, it helped me much to be honest. LOL. Something just reminded me that the Inside is always greater than the Outside. I was pretty much convinced that it was the Holy Spirit ;D

Lala, dear Readers, you may think it's hilarious to talk bout God or the Holy Spirit or whatsoever you may think of, or you may also think it's just me trying to comfort myself.

But nop, the instant peace I felt was too real to be fake...=))

Hehe, be strong in faith, nobody else can beat your beliefs.
Because God is with you,


♥ Jo

Sep 13, 2011

at 9:53 PM

UP UP here we GO GO.

First and foremost, I hereby wanna announce that, I've already completed half of my buying list! xp happy sial! it may sound normal to you, but you have no idea how long i never been to a shopping mall d after i came out from national service! =x nyehehe, drove mum out with me last Sunday night, and i spent around 70-80 bucks within an hour time. Also, instead of sneakers, i bought sandals. o.o

Part of those items. Hehe.

Below are pictures of my new whiteboard x) Thanks mama~ got me a quite-cheap one. hehe.. had fun by just drawing n writing al over it!


this was in my to-do-list that i wrote on the board.
and the red one was added by mum.
oh well. -.-

Two days ago, KM came and took TinTin and Max back. Ish, I'm soo gonna miss the noises they made every time I got back from school, or whenever they see people walking pass. Will miss the way they jump up and down whenever mum let them out of their tiny lil box aka their house. And oh, before I forget, those 2 are my sister's guinea pigs from KM. =))

I like Tin Tin better! hehe =p

please don't look at my face, I look ugly here T__T
haha can you see her? That's TinTin!

Yesterday after tuition, I drove home and it was drizzling outside. I reached my parking lot here and found a perfect parking. Just seconds before I off engine, somehow the sound of raindrops tapping gave me a very special feeling. Not the first time thou. You know I love the rain, don't you? ;D Anyway, they rubbed off the idea of me getting down from the car. So I stayed, and enjoyed the surreal atmosphere. With my fav songs playing one after another, the raindrops, the darkness, with a glimpse of light. hehe.

the dotted light was actually light that shone thru the raindrops.
Cool, wasn't it?

Emotional much. And I loved it.


Random snaps of myself =p :

The moon of the day ;)

The moment I saw it,
I thought of you.

♥ Jo

Sep 8, 2011

at 11:15 PM

Walk the Talk!

Thanks alot my secret Angel!

Just in case you're wondering, our youth group is having an event called 'Connect'.
All of us has an angel.
At the same time we have a beloved to take care of.

I'm loving this lil Bob.
Thanks once again.


Below is a picture of Banana Boat at Tarot Cafe.
The one that I once criticized lol.

Improved alot thou.
But the smarties stil suck.


Today after school me n friends were supposed to stay back for Chess Club. In the end we chose to leave, cause nobody stayed. -.- Lol, HC then came out with this, 'I wana eat Chess-baked Rice!' random sial. And there we went, Tarot for lunch!


I came out with a new buying list a couple of days ago.

- New purse!
I've been using the old one for 3 years at least. My birthday present in Form3. xD
The sender must be very happy if he reads this. Don't think there is a chance tho. lol.
- New guitar.
Wanted it long long time ago. Dad brought the other one to KL d. No guitar for me =(
I had to do last minute practice whenever I serve in church. Sigh, I even messed one worship session during shepherd group just 2 days ago. Sorry God. =x....Bless me with a new metal-string guitar okokok? Amen! hahax. =))

- Whiteboard.
This, I have no worries. Mama's gonna buy me a one this coming Saturday. Been looking for a small one for quite long d. Whee new whiteboard is coming! ^^

- Mask
I need to do mask more often d! Cannot stand the pimples on my face D; Also, I will have more restless nights coming. So, instead of a 'need', it's more like a 'must' for me. =x

the next one, may sound ridiculous.
i want a Mixer!!!! hehehe..nothing much bout it, I just want it.

And YES I WILL HAVE IT SOMEDAY @)*%&%*#&^_..

lols hyper! XD

well, not forgetting also my DSLR.

I cant just tell you how badly I want'em. Instead, I should walk the talk!
So hard to save, but I will save!


♥ Jo

Sep 5, 2011

at 9:07 PM

Bing Bang Bong!

Before I speak of any other things, lemme just share abit of today's story.

I woke up late this morning, and was late to school. By the time I reached, it was already 7.20am. Back gate is closed, definitely. So i chose to park in front instead. When I was about to get down, I realized I'm actually at the front gate of a random house..

Syiaks much, I looked at my watch and got panicked, so I started back the engine, planned to park the other side. I put signal, looked behind, and saw a car coming from far..
Thinking that the car might let me go first, I stepped on the accelerator.
Without hesitation, I moved on and 2 seconds later, *bom!....

lol o.o...

The first thing I do when I got down, was to check on my car. Surprised that there was no scar..
ehhehem and the person's car was damaged. not very serious thou.

She went n made report later. And I had to sacrifice my nap time and spent the WHOLE afternoon at police station. sigh!

So cut the story short, I had to pay rm150 for that.
I was really down that time, how could I be SO careless? One small mistake costs me over 100 bucks. Ouchh.. =(
But later I came to think of it, at least that's better than settling with her. I might need to come out more money for the repair.

All in all, I still have to thank God for the protection. ;)
It might have gone worse.

Funny facts 1:
I told friends that she looked like a teacher. Fact shows that I was right. o.o

Funny facts 2:
I banged her, and my car was perfectly fine.



Genting Trip on the 28th - 30th Aug with KDJ2 and the girls was awesome + awesome!

- Unforgettable night at the Lobby of FirstWorld Hotel.
- Hours of Werewolf game at Starbucks late at midnight.
- Being forced to go for Corkscrew and in the end found myself loving it to the max.
- Bumper Car where all 11 of us tried to bang each other like nobody's business.
- Getting wet and cold after Sungai Rajang and had to shiver all the way back to hotel.
- Every meal spelled satisfaction.
- I love'em all.



Domo Kun!

sister spent hours making a lil DOMO keychain for me!
my advanced birthday pressie~
it's in RED.



teehees, thanks jie!



I'm gaining weight,
I guess I should be happy o.o
But nuuu nooot the tummy!



- Helped my lil bunnie to clean up.



Looking new again!



Practicing for my vibrato.
I'm getting it, whee!


I have dreams.
And I dream big dreams.

A bit more Joey.
You can do it!


If only,
♥ Jo


Sep 3, 2011

at 2:21 AM

A night with Blogspot ;D

Exact time now : 2:21am
Song playing : Bartender by T-Pain
Work : Micro Economy

I find this interesting hehe. I'm actually with my homework now.
I have everything I needed here, coffee included.

Well, this is fun, and somehow helps to keep me going.


Exact time now : 2:54am
Song playing : Don't Waste The Pretty by Allison
Work : Micro Economy

syiaks, i only did 5 questions in 30mins time..
coffee finishing ar?


Exact time now : 3:21am
Song playing : Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
Work : Micro Economy

lols great, everybody slept, nobody to talk to already..
this song suits me don't you think? x)
ahah.. well, at least im proceeding faster now. nyehees.
i guess i need quite some time to finish my econs. Whole chapter of work leh!
kai wan xiao.


Exact time now : 4:25am
Song playing : Time by BSB
Work : Micro Economy

lol..what can I say?
I don't think I can finish'em by tonight.

It's not hard actually, just need alot of thinking.
Dear Econ, pleae have mercy...


Exact time now : 4:51am
Song playing : Pyramid by Charice ft. IYAZ
Work : 50% of Econ done!

hehe, only half of it done, and y am i so happy? lol
nvm, be contented Joey!

lets have a break ;p

Exact time now : 5:25am
Song playing : Say Goodbye by Chris Brown
Work : P.Perniagaan notes

aite I'm back.
I believe copying notes doesn't require any thinking.
But I Hate It.
Waste of ink, waste of time.
It helps by giving me the rough idea of the chapter, and yeah that's it.
Not like I'm gonna read it again -.-
Even during exam also, we'll still refer back to our books, no?

Really, total waste of time.
But why am I doing it still?

Syiaks, proven.

I'm a good girl.


Exact time now : 6:55am
Song playing : Crush by David Archy
Work : P.Perniagaan notes

1 hour plus d. Notes still unfinished.
Lol. T_T
But half an hour of it was taken. Somebody pm-ed me just now.
Had a conversation and was a very cute conversation. x)

Kk, I still have alot to go, but I think this is the max for me d..

p/s: Don't be surprise the next time you see me with a pimpled face...


p/s 2:


is still my best companion.

♥ Jo

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