Sep 5, 2011

at 9:07 PM

Bing Bang Bong!

Before I speak of any other things, lemme just share abit of today's story.

I woke up late this morning, and was late to school. By the time I reached, it was already 7.20am. Back gate is closed, definitely. So i chose to park in front instead. When I was about to get down, I realized I'm actually at the front gate of a random house..

Syiaks much, I looked at my watch and got panicked, so I started back the engine, planned to park the other side. I put signal, looked behind, and saw a car coming from far..
Thinking that the car might let me go first, I stepped on the accelerator.
Without hesitation, I moved on and 2 seconds later, *bom!....

lol o.o...

The first thing I do when I got down, was to check on my car. Surprised that there was no scar..
ehhehem and the person's car was damaged. not very serious thou.

She went n made report later. And I had to sacrifice my nap time and spent the WHOLE afternoon at police station. sigh!

So cut the story short, I had to pay rm150 for that.
I was really down that time, how could I be SO careless? One small mistake costs me over 100 bucks. Ouchh.. =(
But later I came to think of it, at least that's better than settling with her. I might need to come out more money for the repair.

All in all, I still have to thank God for the protection. ;)
It might have gone worse.

Funny facts 1:
I told friends that she looked like a teacher. Fact shows that I was right. o.o

Funny facts 2:
I banged her, and my car was perfectly fine.



Genting Trip on the 28th - 30th Aug with KDJ2 and the girls was awesome + awesome!

- Unforgettable night at the Lobby of FirstWorld Hotel.
- Hours of Werewolf game at Starbucks late at midnight.
- Being forced to go for Corkscrew and in the end found myself loving it to the max.
- Bumper Car where all 11 of us tried to bang each other like nobody's business.
- Getting wet and cold after Sungai Rajang and had to shiver all the way back to hotel.
- Every meal spelled satisfaction.
- I love'em all.



Domo Kun!

sister spent hours making a lil DOMO keychain for me!
my advanced birthday pressie~
it's in RED.



teehees, thanks jie!



I'm gaining weight,
I guess I should be happy o.o
But nuuu nooot the tummy!



- Helped my lil bunnie to clean up.



Looking new again!



Practicing for my vibrato.
I'm getting it, whee!


I have dreams.
And I dream big dreams.

A bit more Joey.
You can do it!


If only,
♥ Jo


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