Sep 17, 2011

at 12:20 AM

err, Ghost? God? oh well =)

Geeez, somebody was telling ghost stories just now at mamak.. i was scared to death, first time thou... I used to be the steady one whenever people talk bout it, probably becuz i was the only girl there and yeah, nobody else was afraid.

Worst part was, I had to drive home alone!..
I actually parked in front of an empty house with broken windows, meaning to say, I can actually see inside it and yeps, it's double the imba-ness.. Then the next second, I started praying and declaring God's name haha! =p Sorry, I admit I lost abit of my faith, for that few mins of journey home.. They were saying sumthing bout a headless man at the backseat and appearing at the mirror. Syiaks much, I kept looking at the mirror and hoping there wil be cars behind, just so to have the front light shining at me =x

Come back to the praying part, it helped me much to be honest. LOL. Something just reminded me that the Inside is always greater than the Outside. I was pretty much convinced that it was the Holy Spirit ;D

Lala, dear Readers, you may think it's hilarious to talk bout God or the Holy Spirit or whatsoever you may think of, or you may also think it's just me trying to comfort myself.

But nop, the instant peace I felt was too real to be fake...=))

Hehe, be strong in faith, nobody else can beat your beliefs.
Because God is with you,


♥ Jo

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