Sep 3, 2011

at 2:21 AM

A night with Blogspot ;D

Exact time now : 2:21am
Song playing : Bartender by T-Pain
Work : Micro Economy

I find this interesting hehe. I'm actually with my homework now.
I have everything I needed here, coffee included.

Well, this is fun, and somehow helps to keep me going.


Exact time now : 2:54am
Song playing : Don't Waste The Pretty by Allison
Work : Micro Economy

syiaks, i only did 5 questions in 30mins time..
coffee finishing ar?


Exact time now : 3:21am
Song playing : Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
Work : Micro Economy

lols great, everybody slept, nobody to talk to already..
this song suits me don't you think? x)
ahah.. well, at least im proceeding faster now. nyehees.
i guess i need quite some time to finish my econs. Whole chapter of work leh!
kai wan xiao.


Exact time now : 4:25am
Song playing : Time by BSB
Work : Micro Economy

lol..what can I say?
I don't think I can finish'em by tonight.

It's not hard actually, just need alot of thinking.
Dear Econ, pleae have mercy...


Exact time now : 4:51am
Song playing : Pyramid by Charice ft. IYAZ
Work : 50% of Econ done!

hehe, only half of it done, and y am i so happy? lol
nvm, be contented Joey!

lets have a break ;p

Exact time now : 5:25am
Song playing : Say Goodbye by Chris Brown
Work : P.Perniagaan notes

aite I'm back.
I believe copying notes doesn't require any thinking.
But I Hate It.
Waste of ink, waste of time.
It helps by giving me the rough idea of the chapter, and yeah that's it.
Not like I'm gonna read it again -.-
Even during exam also, we'll still refer back to our books, no?

Really, total waste of time.
But why am I doing it still?

Syiaks, proven.

I'm a good girl.


Exact time now : 6:55am
Song playing : Crush by David Archy
Work : P.Perniagaan notes

1 hour plus d. Notes still unfinished.
Lol. T_T
But half an hour of it was taken. Somebody pm-ed me just now.
Had a conversation and was a very cute conversation. x)

Kk, I still have alot to go, but I think this is the max for me d..

p/s: Don't be surprise the next time you see me with a pimpled face...


p/s 2:


is still my best companion.

♥ Jo

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