Sep 20, 2011

at 10:43 PM

Tips n Falls.

Surprised that I would have time to update blog ;X

Anyway, I have to start telling myself, or in other word, convince myself that..

It might be yours, but surely not mine!
nt very much to do with studies, but it's my life.
I'm tired of telling everybody that I'm busy. I'm stressed. I'm emo. I'm tired.

School choir is giving me this stupid burden.
I DON'T have to bother actually. Argh!
I have to arrange, I have to teach, I have to think for the parts.
I enjoy doing it, but not at a transition point like now, where I have to cope with studies and work.


I have other problems coming which is quite, you know, confidential.
Just because there are circumstances, I have to hear mumbles n grumbles.
But yet, I know I'm doing the right thing. Yea, I believe so.
Whatever it is, I know the outcome is good. So I'm giving myself a 'go ahead'.

Today in class.
I got so fed up talking to my P.A teacher.
We actually had a debate in class, between me n her.
Lol oh my, I made myself sound like a bad kid. xD
But yea, you weren't there, you wouldn't know.
She always think she's right! (very much of a high Choleric)
What's wrong having homesickness? What's wrong aiming for a local-U that is nearer to my place? What's wrong having dreams? What's wrong taking care of your younger siblings?

Well, none of these are wrong, but to her, everything is so wrong.
I'm just tired of arguing with her. When I talked back, she raised her voice. She wouldn't give me a chance to state my point. So what's the point discussing? Syiaks her much, in the end I kept my mouth shut. I listened to her, pretend like I agree, and said 'yea teacher, maybe you're right then.'
lol, i know the discussion will go nowhere, so I allowed my mind to go blank and nodded at whatever she crapped.
I'm a bad student, sometimes. Really.
But when I know I'm right, I stay strong at my stand.
She will NEVER understand. =)

At the end of the discussion, before I went back to my seat..
she gave me her 'YOU-CAN'T-WIN-ME' face.

Ahh, teachers.

Finals is in 3 weeks time.
Choir performance is also in 3 weeks time, the day after my last paper.
Today in ICT room friend was telling me.
'You can't stay on with your last minute attitude in Form6. You won't get to score. Even if you start studying now also it's almost impossible to get 2.5..'
Wahh, discouraging much... T_T
Then again I thought. I have God, so don't ever talk to me about possibilities.

Because my God, is a Possible God.

Random picture on my way to school.
The sky is so, beautiful. =)

♥ Jo

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