Sep 13, 2011

at 9:53 PM

UP UP here we GO GO.

First and foremost, I hereby wanna announce that, I've already completed half of my buying list! xp happy sial! it may sound normal to you, but you have no idea how long i never been to a shopping mall d after i came out from national service! =x nyehehe, drove mum out with me last Sunday night, and i spent around 70-80 bucks within an hour time. Also, instead of sneakers, i bought sandals. o.o

Part of those items. Hehe.

Below are pictures of my new whiteboard x) Thanks mama~ got me a quite-cheap one. hehe.. had fun by just drawing n writing al over it!


this was in my to-do-list that i wrote on the board.
and the red one was added by mum.
oh well. -.-

Two days ago, KM came and took TinTin and Max back. Ish, I'm soo gonna miss the noises they made every time I got back from school, or whenever they see people walking pass. Will miss the way they jump up and down whenever mum let them out of their tiny lil box aka their house. And oh, before I forget, those 2 are my sister's guinea pigs from KM. =))

I like Tin Tin better! hehe =p

please don't look at my face, I look ugly here T__T
haha can you see her? That's TinTin!

Yesterday after tuition, I drove home and it was drizzling outside. I reached my parking lot here and found a perfect parking. Just seconds before I off engine, somehow the sound of raindrops tapping gave me a very special feeling. Not the first time thou. You know I love the rain, don't you? ;D Anyway, they rubbed off the idea of me getting down from the car. So I stayed, and enjoyed the surreal atmosphere. With my fav songs playing one after another, the raindrops, the darkness, with a glimpse of light. hehe.

the dotted light was actually light that shone thru the raindrops.
Cool, wasn't it?

Emotional much. And I loved it.


Random snaps of myself =p :

The moon of the day ;)

The moment I saw it,
I thought of you.

♥ Jo

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