Sep 8, 2011

at 11:15 PM

Walk the Talk!

Thanks alot my secret Angel!

Just in case you're wondering, our youth group is having an event called 'Connect'.
All of us has an angel.
At the same time we have a beloved to take care of.

I'm loving this lil Bob.
Thanks once again.


Below is a picture of Banana Boat at Tarot Cafe.
The one that I once criticized lol.

Improved alot thou.
But the smarties stil suck.


Today after school me n friends were supposed to stay back for Chess Club. In the end we chose to leave, cause nobody stayed. -.- Lol, HC then came out with this, 'I wana eat Chess-baked Rice!' random sial. And there we went, Tarot for lunch!


I came out with a new buying list a couple of days ago.

- New purse!
I've been using the old one for 3 years at least. My birthday present in Form3. xD
The sender must be very happy if he reads this. Don't think there is a chance tho. lol.
- New guitar.
Wanted it long long time ago. Dad brought the other one to KL d. No guitar for me =(
I had to do last minute practice whenever I serve in church. Sigh, I even messed one worship session during shepherd group just 2 days ago. Sorry God. =x....Bless me with a new metal-string guitar okokok? Amen! hahax. =))

- Whiteboard.
This, I have no worries. Mama's gonna buy me a one this coming Saturday. Been looking for a small one for quite long d. Whee new whiteboard is coming! ^^

- Mask
I need to do mask more often d! Cannot stand the pimples on my face D; Also, I will have more restless nights coming. So, instead of a 'need', it's more like a 'must' for me. =x

the next one, may sound ridiculous.
i want a Mixer!!!! hehehe..nothing much bout it, I just want it.

And YES I WILL HAVE IT SOMEDAY @)*%&%*#&^_..

lols hyper! XD

well, not forgetting also my DSLR.

I cant just tell you how badly I want'em. Instead, I should walk the talk!
So hard to save, but I will save!


♥ Jo

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