Oct 30, 2011

at 1:14 AM


Geez, time flies like aeroplanes!, i mean, rockets! no it's like river flowing!!
Ohh whatever.

Exam's done (im repeating -.-), birthday's done, meet ups done (almost), performance, next week.
I know exam finished like 2 weeks ago? but allow me to drag abit of that in this post. =p

It's obvious that nobody is interested with the marks. But I do!
Teachers all stop entering classes and i was like crap. Can't blame them, cuz our class is on the 3rd floor. And what's more, there would only be 6 students (5 classmates plus me 6) who would go school consistently. 4 of us are in choir team so we won't be in class whole day. So how many left? You do the math.

Aihs, so far I only know my econ marks. It sucks, but somehow passed my own target. (50 above) muahaha. Close enough. ;) Darling Ann is super diligent. She never skip school, i'm serious. Typical huh. 2 days ago I saw her doing essay in class, I went to her and kind of encouraged her. (tehheee =p) She's having MUET test in mid-Nov. There're something in her that actually soften me every time. The humbleness in her is precious. =)

Speaking of that, I shouldn't even been seeing her in school, should be staying in ICT room for choir practice that morning. But mana tau half of the team were absent, sigh.. Can't they think abit for us? We wanted so much to stay at home also, but because of the commitment, we went. I would rather want a team with commitment than just good voices. Sigh... So yeh, we practically wasted whole day in class fooling around. Lifeless eh?.. Nyways, i don't care anymore. They come, they come, They don't, fine. =)

This, was what happened.

Aihs, waaste of time.
In the end I watched drama with frens in her laptop.

The other day I went tutoring at my student's house.For the first time in my life, I drew robot. LOL and I actually competed with him hehe! =p

His drawings.

Look at the bottom left. o.o

And this was mine. 

forgiveee meeee, it was just my first attempt. =x
If it wasn't for Real Steel (AWESOME AWESOME MOVIE!),
I wouldn't even bother to think how robots look like!

Next post: Birthday!


♥ Jo

Oct 22, 2011

at 12:21 AM


Ouch, stomach isn't cooperating well. D;

Quick ones:
- I'm feeling so proud of my school Choir. hehe..
- I find my choir teacher very funny sometimes, lol..
- My PA teacher said I'm smart, but I have high Ego. good or bad?
- My PA objective paper got only 30 out of 60 questions. Abit contradicting isn't it? o.o
- Life is about Catching up.
- Would I get tired of catching up one day?
- I'm starting my PLKN blog SOON! x)
- I'm totally stress-free now! (perhaps.)
- Sister is home!~
- This final exam only meets 50% of my expectation. aihs..

15mins later*

- Syiaks, just had diarrhoea, the after-effect of Caffeine on me. =X (Also reason why i have flat tummy HAHA sorry jus joking XD)
- My hair grew so long until it itches my thighs when I'm in shorts lol =x
- Having another miserable basketball-and-not-so-much-basketball session tmr ^^
- It's 1 a.m now and gonna have pillow talk with mum n sistaa soon!
- Gotta take my 小白兔 for shower in a couple of days.
- Karaoke on Monday with my new friends! YAY!
- Malacca Food Trip soon in November nyeehe~
- God is Awesome!
- Again, He loves you! whoever you areeee.

Okay, so long peps.

♥ Jo

Oct 19, 2011

at 9:44 PM


*blow blow*

woahh, blog is collecting dust already O;

I'm here to declare, THE WAR HAS ENDED!

Well exam has just ended. But it's not exactly the end yet.
Another performance coming up on the 3rd of Nov, and I shall kiss them stress GOODBYE!

Just for this year-end exam, I've suffered much.
Not just for the thickness of each reference book, but also for my work!
Just too bad it's the exam season.
Cut the long story short, I have no time for my revision at ALL.

But what could I do? Sorry to those who had to hear me complain all the time, I appreciate you guys a bunch, really i do! hehe.. =p Actually all i need was somebody to listen to me. Bother not whether you care. But the awesome part was, all of you did care. =)

I was not feeling quite right with my spiritual walk just recently.
I found no peace sometimes, only then I was reminded.
Seek, and you shall find.
As I drove to school these few days, so happened I picked a CD which has all the christian songs in it. I just couldn't describe the amazing feelings I get every time the songs were played. The lyrics just never fail to touch me. It was indeed God, He wanted me to know that he was there!
Sorry Father, I didn't mean to go out of track. Really.

So this exam stone had been removed.
It's time for me to get back on normal life!

But first thing first, GET THAT @(*$&(*%& CHOIR RIGHT!
xD! don't get me wrong, it's my passion, and I was just a little too hyper.

Pray to God, that the whole thing will run smoothly.
I promised you Lord, that I want to go MAX for you!


p/s: more updates coming. whee!

♥ Jo

Oct 6, 2011

at 9:39 AM

My rights!

I learnt to fight for my rights!

And here's the story.
There was this chinese teacher in my school, that wanted to form a dance group.
She called all the girls during assembly and started to ask.
I wasn't interested, cause dancing wasn't really my thing.
But at the same time I was concerned, cause she's pulling a few of the choir members out.

'But teacher, we've already joined Choir..'
'It's alright, you can join both.'

That was exactly WHAT she said.
Very well.

Yesterday, I heard from my friend that all those who've joined the dance, have to quit choir.
Teacher's order.

I was like, WHUT?!

Me and 2 of my friends went n talk to the teacher.
From the way she talk, I know she's an irresponsible teacher.
I wanted to shoot her at her face and say,

'If choir caused so much trouble to you, why didn't you warn them before PULLING them to your dance thingy??Instead, all you wanted was somebody to fill in your dance slot, and the rest, none of your business.'

But duh, she's a teacher, what else can I do?
So instead, I answered.

'Well teacher, all we're asking for, is a fair and square solution. We'll take half of the practice time, and we'll give the other half for your dance.'

And guess what, she rejected my offer.

Now she insisted to have them quit choir, and find us replacements.

I shall see what she can do.
If she's not doing anything about it.
I'm not gonna keep quiet.

Such irresponsible teacher.
Don't deserve my respect.

But again, who am I to not respect teachers?
I'm still a student.
Ah sigh.

Fine, you gain my respect, somehow.

Just because you're a teacher.


♥ Jo

Oct 4, 2011

at 9:39 AM

Like a Lark.

Good Morning!
Glad to have skipped school today.
I wasn't feeling well last night, and so I did nothing at all before going to bed, as in studies.
This morning is just perfect for me to finish off my homework, and start doing my revision!

Yesterday was not good a day.
My ulcers expanded, 2 of 'em combined into 1 hugeee ulcer. The other one WAS a small tiny one, also expanded and it's 3/4 of the huge one now. Worse part is, both are at totally different corners of my mouth. Normally if you have one on the left side, you bite with your right side, and vice versa. Now for my case, one at bottom right, the other one at top left. GG.

Then later before school finished, I felt my head spinning. It went worse as I walked down the stairs. Just because of choir, I had to stay longer. Sigh, all that I told myself was : You gotta be strong! But never have I expected the choir to go so, haywired. I almost wanted to cry..
I don't want to talk the details out. Just thankfully, our teacher supported us, and we went on doing it our way.

With the emotions swallowing me alive.
With my head spinning.
With ulcers expanding.

I wanted to shout out loud:

Came back from school, I had my quick lunch and showered and rushed for tuition.
Can you feel the water boiling in me? It was just too much for me. Too much...

By the time I reached home, my head was just next to my 'bursting point'.
Without hesitation, I changed and threw myself to bed.

Woke up 3 hours later. Sky was dark. House was quiet. I was home alone...
Checked my phone, no messages... which was quite, rare..
Never in my life I felt that LONELY before.....
Where are the others? Where are you mummy?

My head was still in ache.
I needed support.
I needed a hand to just pat at my back.
I needed somebody to just be there and comfort me.
And tell me everything is okay..

Yesterday was terrible. Very terrible.

But that, was yesterday.
What touched me most was this..
I crawled out of bed, and had my dinner alone in the living room.
I on wi-fi and went online with my phone.

All that caught my heart, was all the encouragements on my wall...
My tears rolled down like roller coaster.
My heart went singing like a lark.

Right away at that moment,
I knew I wasn't alone.

Thank you, friends..

You guys,
are truly my God-sent angels.

♥ Jo

200th Entry!

My bangs!


♥ Jo


Oct 2, 2011

at 1:11 PM


I had a weird dream last night.
Because I thought about it too much?
Or was God speaking to me through the dream?

I googled this question, and found an article.
The last line pierced deep into my heart.

"And Jim, I think He's talking to you, LOUD AND CLEAR."...

I felt as if my heart has just sunk down to the bottom of my stomach.
It doesn't make sense.

I hope I'm wrong at some part.
God knows best.
Can I not wake up from my dreams?
Or dear God, will you let me sleep for just awhile more?..

I don't want to wake up.
Reality Hurts.

Imagine you're holding a puzzle box.

Where do you start?
You spread them al over the floor, you pick them up, and you start putting them together.
With much patience and determination, you complete the picture.

I hold too many pieces in my hand, not knowing which to do first.
Now that's what I'm going to do.

Ministry, Studies, Relationships.

Dear God, please strengthen my faith.
I want to glorify Your name.

And nothing else matters.

♥ Jo


I'm obviously going a lil semi-active now.

But either way, I will never let my blog go dead!

Some quick updates.
(no colour font this time. lazy =p)

I cut my hair! And it doesn't look naiss.
Yes I cut my fringe and I have my bangs back.
I can't wait for it to growwwwww. gaaaaaah.

Few days ago I was caught lepak-ing in school without a 'pass'.
The sir stopped me, and some other people, with a cane in his hand. Then he went crapping bout it, how wrong and how stubborn and how mischievous we were. Bla bla bla.
Well, nothing big bout it, but it changed my perspective towards the school.
So they actually took account of the discipline. XD

I have tons of pictures waiting to be uploaded.
But sigh, I have no time for that now. =(

Well, wait till I'm done with my finals!

Since today is 1st of October. (AKA my month! =p) I have given myself new tasks and goals!

Speaking of 'my month', I was actually reminded by somebody in facebook, who tagged me in her status saying 'Hello October Baby!'.. Hehehhe, sweet much! Yet again, it's my month. So imma live it to my best. ^___^

It's crucial, as exam is around the corner. Also, I'm sort of 'handling' a performance.
I don't want to make it sound big, but i cant find any better word d LOL.

Anyway, the stress is always there. But I really want to do it max for God. =)

Holy Spirit come,
Refresh me once again.

Thank you Lord,
for the reminder.
♥ Jo

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