Oct 4, 2011

at 9:39 AM

Like a Lark.

Good Morning!
Glad to have skipped school today.
I wasn't feeling well last night, and so I did nothing at all before going to bed, as in studies.
This morning is just perfect for me to finish off my homework, and start doing my revision!

Yesterday was not good a day.
My ulcers expanded, 2 of 'em combined into 1 hugeee ulcer. The other one WAS a small tiny one, also expanded and it's 3/4 of the huge one now. Worse part is, both are at totally different corners of my mouth. Normally if you have one on the left side, you bite with your right side, and vice versa. Now for my case, one at bottom right, the other one at top left. GG.

Then later before school finished, I felt my head spinning. It went worse as I walked down the stairs. Just because of choir, I had to stay longer. Sigh, all that I told myself was : You gotta be strong! But never have I expected the choir to go so, haywired. I almost wanted to cry..
I don't want to talk the details out. Just thankfully, our teacher supported us, and we went on doing it our way.

With the emotions swallowing me alive.
With my head spinning.
With ulcers expanding.

I wanted to shout out loud:

Came back from school, I had my quick lunch and showered and rushed for tuition.
Can you feel the water boiling in me? It was just too much for me. Too much...

By the time I reached home, my head was just next to my 'bursting point'.
Without hesitation, I changed and threw myself to bed.

Woke up 3 hours later. Sky was dark. House was quiet. I was home alone...
Checked my phone, no messages... which was quite, rare..
Never in my life I felt that LONELY before.....
Where are the others? Where are you mummy?

My head was still in ache.
I needed support.
I needed a hand to just pat at my back.
I needed somebody to just be there and comfort me.
And tell me everything is okay..

Yesterday was terrible. Very terrible.

But that, was yesterday.
What touched me most was this..
I crawled out of bed, and had my dinner alone in the living room.
I on wi-fi and went online with my phone.

All that caught my heart, was all the encouragements on my wall...
My tears rolled down like roller coaster.
My heart went singing like a lark.

Right away at that moment,
I knew I wasn't alone.

Thank you, friends..

You guys,
are truly my God-sent angels.

♥ Jo

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